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Apr 28, 2011 02:52 PM

One day in Philly

Need eating help....L.A family who eats everything, seeks rib sticking delicous food. I don't to start a CH brawl, but what's the word on cheesesteak. Yep, I've been to Pat's but I was slightly buzzed and twenty years younger, so I'm not sure how accurate my opinion is. As memory serves (sort of blurry) it was awfully good.
We will doing the tourist stuff for the kids and be in that old town area any help is appreciated.

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  1. What day of the week will you be in town? Some of my recommendations are not always open. But as for Pat's, better start drinking now if you want to enjoy your meal :)

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      Well i will be the first to say it... get yourself to the Reading Terminal Market. You can get a decent cheesesteak there at several vendors, but would be well served to also consider the great sandwiches at DiNics, especially the roast pork with provolone and either broccoli rabe or spinach... You also have great local food to try like the cannoli's from Termini's, Miller's pretzels etc. Its a Philadelphia institution that unlike Pat's and Geno's is filled with inebriated clientele.

      Bluehensfans is right, the day of the week matters. If you are there on a Sunday, the Amish vendors will not be present, so if you are here for a weekend, Saturday is preferable over a Sunday.

      1. re: cwdonald

        cwdonald you were thinking up my alley! Reading Terminal would be the place to go but it's not quite the same when the Amish vendors are closed. And it you like pancakes, the Dutch Eating Place in the market is a great place to have them along with big apple dumplings.

        1. re: cwdonald

          We will be there on guys are awesome, the Reading Terminal sounds like where we'll be, starting with the pancakes bluehensfan recommended. I'm disapointed about the Amish vendors. Could swear I saw DiNics on on of the foodie shows and still remember the episode because it looked so good. If anything else comes to mind let me know. Thanks!!

          1. re: gordita

            As a reference here is the website for the Reading Terminal Market. It truly is one of the great sites in Philadelphia, having operated since 1892. You will see a full compliment of the Amish vendors as they are there every day but Sunday since Sunday is their sabbath.


            Reading terminal market has been discussed on this board a good many times. One of the best threads is below, which includes some great pictures provided by bluehensfan. Read that thread and you will find lots of inspiration.


            1. re: cwdonald

              Sorry to be the bearer of bad news (and no pancakes) but the Amish merchants in the market (the Dutch Eating Place included) are only open from Wednesdays through Saturdays (with the one exception being the week during the Flower Show). But do still hit the market. DiNic's will be open and the roast pork (with greens or broccoli rabe and provolone) is probably the best sandwich in town.

            2. re: gordita

              Most of the Amish arent at the market Sun/Mon/Tues