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Feb 4, 2006 01:32 AM

El Arco Iris - What's the story?

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I went out to El Arco Iris in Highland Park the other night and they were closed for what looked like a remodel. Anybody got the scoop? Is it going away?

If not Arco, where else can I get my Mexican fix nearby? The other York places don't meet my wife's stringent standards for ambience. Anything good on Fig?

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  1. We (and our neighbors) think Chico's is the best Mexican in the HP/Mt Washington area. Not great on ambience, but not a dump. Everything has been yummy.

    Closer to Arco Iris on York is Villa Sombrero which has excellent guacomole and is also know for its Margaritas. The rest of the food I've found so-so. El Pescador on Fig and Ave 53(?) has upscale coffee shop ambience and was pretty okay for food the one time I went.

    1. Don't know how you two relate to Boyle Hts. as to proximity, yet La Serenata de Garibaldi will satisfy you both, and then some. At 1842 E. 1st Street just west of I-5 (323.265.2887). Great seafood items with a selection of around 6 or so homemade sauces to be mixed and matched with your seafood of choice. Also many of the standards done very well.
      Good margs and a very nice wine list. The Mexican Nebbiolo wine is wonderful with their food. will fill in any other questions you may have.

      1. We live right up the street from El Arco Iris and go all the time. They are closed for a remodel and are supposed to reopen sometime in Feb. Menu shld stay the same, but w/ maybe an addition or two (such as fish tacos -- Jesse, the owner, knows I love the ones from La Estrella on Fig and he gets jealous). They are putting in a small bar. I can't wait to see it. We will be there for re-opening night, whenever that is. I can't believe I've gone this long w/out some of their mole.

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          El Arco Iris is just horrible. horrible. The decor is great, the food is not. Go to Tacos Michoacan on Broadway and 18th and you'll have better luck.

        2. we returned to Arco Iris after a period of not going because of consistently bad service. their california burrito is FANTASTIC and lured me back (everything else i've tried there is not exceptional). we went last night and once again the poor service set me off (no discernable waiter, long wait for food, inept, unfriendly, etc.). needless to say Arco Iris is OFF the list once again.

          1. I've only been once but I thought the margarita was outstanding and the service was perfectly find and prompt, even though it was a full house.

            My fish tacos, on the other hand, were not good at all. Next time, I'll stick with something like the burrito.