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Apr 28, 2011 02:29 PM

Kirkland Signature Dutch Oven MADE IN FRANCE

SO I'm in the market for a dutch oven. Le Creuset and Staub being out of the question, I've been doing insane research (as in up til 3am) on budget and quality Dutch ovens and stumbled upon this baby. From my understanding, Costco had released a dutch oven in the past (6 quart) that was made in China with pretty good reviews, however it is no longer being sold. I was pretty set on getting a Tramontina dutch oven ( per America's Test Kitchen's recommendation.... BUT the fact that the kirkland one is made in France is making me think twice. I'm going to trek over to Costco in the near future to check it out but I was wondering if anyone had purchased it and their experience with it.

Thanks :


Ps, this is my first post; sorry for the length, lack of organization, i'm just a bit wee excited by this find and am eager to hear your replies!

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  1. Found these customer reviews for a similar product at the Costco website. Hope you find them helpful.

    1. I have just grab Le creuset cooking ware. I am being shipped the product by Kitchenware Direct. Their service is too reliable and trustworthy.

      1. For another $40 or so you can get a 5.5 qt second of Le Creuset at the outlet when they have their 40% off sales. Most of the time you can't even find what's wrong. I would get that instead. It's a tried and true product that has withstood the test of time with a wonderful warranty. You will certainly have that over the next twenty years if not forty. What is that -- $1 to $2 more a year for the best?!?

        1. I bought this and it is GREAT. I don't own a Le Crueset or Staub, but for the price savings, this is more than adequate. I've used it to braise, roast, and even just sear on my countertop. It's nice and heavy without being SO heavy, can go up to 500*F, has a metal knob so that you don't have to worry about buying another knob, is glazed black on the inside, and cleans very, very easily. I would love to own a Le Creuset, but the Costco version came in a color I wanted for a price that I loved. And you can return things at Costco so easily - it seemed like a low risk purchase. Definitely worth the money and then some! Some brand names are great, but that doesn't mean that other companies cannot provide a comparable item with very high functionality. Why spend $300 when I can spend <$100 and can't taste the difference?

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            Thanks so much for the reply, pharaohes. DId you order yours from I went to my local Costco but they didn't have it there so I left with an ice cream machine instead :P (gotta love Costco!) You got the one that's made in France, right?

            1. re: allieberry

              I did get the one made in France. I found mine in the store (impulse buy!) but I have ordered online from their website before, and they are great. Plus, the packaging is really secure in the box - the product is secured with cardboard inserts, not just paper - and I'm sure they would replace it for you for free if it, by some miracle, should arrive damaged. I recommend trying it and if it doesn't work for you, just return it. Costco is very accommodating that way, takes the "fear" factor out of a purchase like this.

              I really can't endorse this pot enough - I used it to braise short ribs for 4 hours, pernil for 7 hours, roast a chicken with potatoes and root veggies in the bottom - not the greatest use of this, but it did the trick - , and the other day I just used it to saute a bunch of spinach on my stovetop as I wanted to use a container with a wide bottom and tall sides to keep the big heaping pile of spinach from falling out of a lower walled pan. I also made a no-knead bread in it. It really is very versatile, cleans like a dream and has held up very well to being banged around in my kitchen cupboards - no chips in the lid or the pot! I had researched a Le Creuset, but I was irritated to see that not all of them can go up to 500* without buying a new knob. For my budget right now, when I spend that much money, I want a product that can handle the occasional high temperature! My Le Creuset dreams will have to wait until my budget grows to meet my vision. :)

              1. re: pharaohes

                Where do you live if you don't mind me asking? Maybe I should try to go to different Costco's in my area. Also, how much as it at the warehouse? I know it's $80 online but sometimes, online prices differ from warehouse prices.

                I'm glad you are happy with your purchase and have found many uses for it! I wouldn't be surprised if its quality was on par with Staub or LC since it's made in France.. haha not to sound like a snob, but I think it does make a world of difference compared to ones made in China.

                1. re: allieberry

                  I'm in Utah. I can't remember exactly how much I bought it for, but it wasn't more than $80...I think it may have been $70.

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              Hi, pharaohes: "I bought this and it is GREAT. I don't own a Le Crueset or Staub...,"

              Don't be too sure! Costco didn't just set up a production foundry. They jobbed these out to an established French cast iron cookware company. Who could that possibly be?


            3. I'm glad someone finally mentioned the updated Kirkland enameled dutch oven on CH. I purchased one several months ago from my local Costco and use it regularly to make all sorts of soups and stew-like concoctions. At this point, I can say definitively that I LOVE it - absolutely LOVE it. It's still pretty new so I'm sure no one will be that impressed that it still looks like new, but it does. :-) The lid fits well, it doesn't rock, and is a pleasure to cook with. My only wish is that it was available in more sizes. I've been pleased with all of the Kirkland branded items I've purchased at Costco, and this one is no exception. I purchased a smaller 3.5 qt. "name-brand" made-in-France oven from Tuesday Morning recently for everyday use. I hope it can live up to the bar set by my Kirkland pot!