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Apr 28, 2011 01:12 PM

FOODIE MOM in WESTCHESTER needs a yummy Mother's Day Dinner

Tried THE COOKERY, RAINWATER GRILL, can't get in to NORTH. Looking for something to make me smile. Am I asking for too much??? Do like TARRY TAVERN and FLYING PIG, but looking more adventurous. Doesn't have to be high end. We eat anything.....yogimon

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  1. Not sure what you mean by adventurous--how about X20 in Yonkers?

    1. Birdsall House in Peekskill is fun and the menu is interesting... depending on the atmosphere you're looking for (this is definitely casual) it might fit the bill. Umami in Croton also has a fun menu and would be perfect if you're bringing your kids (it's very-- sometimes too-- kid friendly!). If you're looking for something a little less casual, I just tried Mima in Irvington and loved it. It's not quite what I'd call adventurous, but it's definitely not a typical Italian place.

      Birdsall House
      970 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566

      1. Flying Pig is fairly "adventurous", no?

        1. If you're looking for something higher end, I suggest Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The weather is nice now that you can even walk around the farm for a little while. Take a look at the menu online. They have a ton of great greens available now.

          Blue Hill Cafe
          2427 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

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            You were considering hastings so how about Juniper - have heard really good things. Or Buffet de la Gare which I think is fabulous.

            1. re: beth1234

              Was at Juniper last night. Food was okay, better than average. Had a leek salad with applewood smoked bacon and blue cheese, and a chicken dish with kumquats, fava beans, and duck fat-fried potatoes. Both were interesting, with the former being slightly more coherent than the latter, in spite of the hair in my salad.

              Service was neglectful, despite one waiter and five tables of people. The atmosphere leaves much to be desired--sort of reminds one of a rather uninteresting coffee shop or diner. I had high hopes for the food, so I wished it was more impressive.

              575 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

              1. re: craiger1ny

                Went to Juniper about three weeks ago for brunch. Good service and okay food. Had the "famous" burger. It was fine. I think the reason people rave about it is because it has a significant amount of fat and we're not used to that anymore. A friend took one bite of her goat cheese and butternut squash omelet and practically spat it out. She said it was strangely bitter. As Craiger said, the decor is very coffee shop-like. Juniper's okay for a casual meal, but I sure don't think it's "special" enough for a Mother's Day celebration. In Hastings, Buffet de la Gare or Harvest (if you could get in on Mother's Day) may be more appropriate.