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Apr 28, 2011 01:04 PM

Milk is cereal sauce - Funny Parks & Recreation food name website

For any Parks & Recreation fans, this is a name generator for Tom Haverford's food nicknames. Keep hitting refresh.

Some of my favorites:

40s are Malt Whitmans
Leftovers are Deja Foods
Crackers are Lame Cookies

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  1. Great!! I love Tom Haverford.

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    1. re: megmosa

      I love this show!
      But they left out the best one: Chicken Parmesan=chicky chicky parm parm :-D

    2. Love it. "Lemonade is LL Cool Ade." I may use that one from now on.
      And to carry on the theme, here's the recipe for Ron Swanson's Turkey Burger

      1. fun stuff, thanks for sharing :)

        oh, and you don't need to refresh the page to generate a new one - just click on his photo.