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Apr 28, 2011 12:59 PM

found OU-D tootsie pops

I found them in the shop rite at garwood-bag is orange-says 15% more free. The OU-D is imprinted next to the box that says please address comments and questions.

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  1. This is the 2nd time you have made me SO happy !! Thank you for posting. I've been looking everywhere and haven't seen them kosher. Hopefully, this means they will be here in the 5 towns soon.

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    1. Woo-hoo!

      Still no luck in the Teaneck area.

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      1. re: typo lad

        Still looking here in Chicago, too!

      2. I found it today at Walgreens in Teaneck NJ at the branch of Teaneck Road corner of NewBridge Road
        It is mixed in with all the regular Pops. It is very hard to see the OU as it is printed on the back next to the comment box in light silver ink. But you can see it if you really look.
        Can't figure out why they didn't make it more prominent like on the Tootsie Rolls where it is on the front and large.

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        1. re: sja

          it is probably old packaging and it was easier and more cost effective for them to stamp it ou-d rather than throwing out old bags and printing with an OU-D

          1. re: sja

            Thanks for the lead. Found some there. Eating one now.

          2. I was wondering if anyone else has found them in NY ? I have checked many places in the 5 Towns and also Penn Station to no avail. I keep finding the orange bags that have 15% more free, but no OU-D. I'm hoping someone out there has been more successful and will share the location...:)

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            1. re: ettilou

              did you look near the box that says please address comments and questions-it is a stamp and not imprinted on the bag

              1. re: koshergourmetmart

                Thanks Koshergourmetmart ! Yes, I am looking near that box for a stamped OU-D, the only stamp I even see on the back of the bags is their code, a letter followed by a bunch of OU-D....:(. Will keep you posted, as I feel I'm becomming a Tootsie Pop stalker...LOL

                1. re: ettilou

                  i am sure you will find it soon-then they will be everywhere

                  1. re: koshergourmetmart

                    I ended up calling Tootsie Roll Customer Service and they said the product, TootsiePops, are kosher (OU-D) even without the OU-d on the package. The rep said there was no formulation change, just the need for the kashrus symbol to be printed. I had my first one standing right there in the store !! I am one happy camper !!

                    1. re: ettilou

                      i would not rely on that. The OU specifically said the OU needs to be on the package;they did not say that in regards to the tootsie rolls themselves

            2. OK I found them at Walgreens in Skokie. Some bags in the pile on the shelf have the OUD and some don't, so buyer beware!