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Apr 28, 2011 12:32 PM

Chicago Steakhouse Recs this weekend

Will be staying at Renaissance Chicago for the weekend. Looking for a good solid and consistent steakhouse with good wine and cocktails. Nothing gimmicky or gawdy. Heard David Burke is overrated and not very consistent? Morton's and Ruth's are both good but want to try something from Chicago. Interested in Rosebud Steakhouse and Gibson's (looks fully booked already). Anything with same caliber? Thanks!

Rosebud Steakhouse
192 E Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. David Burke's Primehouse is actually excellent, IMHO. Not everyone agrees, but it still gets more votes for best local steakhouse than anyplace else. They dry age their steaks and offer a choice of aging durations (and prices). The atmosphere is a bit more contemporary and less like a men's club.

    Morton's originated in Chicago, so if you want to try something from Chicago, it qualifies; I don't know why you would think otherwise. Arnie Morton would be rolling in his grave if he heard you say that! Anyway, their location on Wacker is only a block from your hotel.

    Gibson's is very good, although the "see and be seen scene" can be a turnoff. It's local too. Yes, it books up in advance, but you can get reservations at Hugo's Frog Bar next door; its focus is on seafood but it shares the same ownership and the same kitchen as Gibson's next door, so when you order a steak there, it's a Gibson's steak. And it doesn't have the frenetic vibe of Gibson's (thank goodness).

    I'm not a fan of Rosebud; it's decent though. There's also Gene and Georgetti, a longtime local favorite, and a couple of new entries that opened recently - Chicago Cut Steakhouse, and Mastro's, a chain from the West. I've heard good things about Chicago Cut, especially since they hired Jackie Shen away from Red Light, but haven't been to either of these new places. Joe's has its fans but it's sort of not exactly from Chicago, since it's a joint venture of Lettuce Entertain You (which is from Chicago) and Joe's Stone Crab (which is from Miami). There are lots more good ones, including Saloon, Keefer's, Chicago Chophouse, Wildfire, Smith & Wollensky, Capital Grille, etc.

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      I COMPLETELY agree that David Burkes is the way to go. I love, love, love their ribeyes and their kobe beef sashmi served on a bed of himilayan rock salt is one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.

      I didn't like Gene and Georgetti's myself. I don't like my steak charred. and their steaks are wet-aged. I like mine dry for the intensity of flavor.

      If you want to drop big buck, make a reservation and ask for the 79 day aged steak, if they have it.

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        I also agree that Burke's is the way to go.... I have never had any issue with food or service, getting seated at your reserved time can be an entirely different issue! But, overall, I recommend it. They also allow byob (for a cost) but always call first to confirm.

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        Really liked David Burke's and am a big fan of Hugo's. Wouldn't really go out of my way for Morton's and wouldn't eat at S&W's if you paid me.

      3. Thanks guys for the recs!

        These are the restaurants we went this weekend.

        Dinner-Grand Lux
        I know it's a chain. But food and service are consistent. And we go there mostly for nostalgic reason.

        Brunch- Bongo Room
        Very creative pancakes and waffles. Red velvet pancakes is a must try. Eggs Benny is good. Need to work on the potatoes tho.

        Drinks- Rebar at Trump
        Good drinks. Love the free peanuts and olives.

        Dinner- Rosebud Steakhouse
        Very yummy steaks (bone in ribeye, chateaubriand, delmonico) Generous portions on sides. Service is excellent. 3 managers came talk to us throughout the night to make sure we are happy with our steaks.

        brunch- Portillo's
        Great Chicago style hot dogs. Didn't care for the chilli dog.

        Thanks again for all the recs. We had a great time!

        Bongo Room
        1152 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

        Rosebud Steakhouse
        192 E Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60611

        Bongo Room
        50 E Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60605

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          Glad you had such a good time. And thanks for posting feedback - it's very helpful to everyone.

          Come visit again soon!