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Apr 28, 2011 12:27 PM

My recent food discoveries in the Traingle, (northern wake)

I wanted to share a couple of food related discoveries I made recently. These are around my northern wake area, I hope others will share their new discoveries.

1. Lumpy's ice cream , a friend gave this to me and I have found they are sold at Whole Foods and maybe a couple of other places, I love the Apple Pie flavor, they have a website.

2. The Grainery of Wake Forest, this is a guy they brings in fresh grain from the midwest and mills it at his house. I have had bread that was made from the milled grains here and it is wonderful. They have abrad making class. I buy their stell cut oats, it is my new breakfast favorite.

3. Mainstreet Grille in Wake Forest, If I am not eating the oats I get doughnuts and scones here and they are wonderful .

Hope you check these out and can share some new things that you have found.

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