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Apr 28, 2011 10:21 AM

kosher in portugal (Lisbon)?

I have family who will be in Portugal in January 2012. Any ideas on what is kosher there (restaurants, or perhaps hashgachas to look for in a market)? Due to the reason for the trip, they will have to be in Lisbon over shabbos - any idea of what kind of services (preferably Orthodox) there are and where in the city they meet?

Any advice/tips/suggestions would be appreciated. TIA!

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  1. Always the preferred starting point:

    Shamash maintains a database but it's a hit-or-miss proposition as to how current the information is:

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      Thanks for the recommendations. Both sites were on my list of places to check for these family members (and thank you for saving me the step of searching specifically for the Portugal Chabad by providing the direct link!). I just figured that chowhounders might know about some quirky, fun place and/or might be more up to date than Shamash (which is usually the first place I go when looking for a kosher place in a city I've not been to before).

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        Unfortunately pickings HAVE been slim since the 15th Century.

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        My experience in Lisbon was that the pickings were slim. There were no kosher restaurants when I was traveling there on business about 4 years ago. I ordered take-out food cooked by a Rebbetzin Assor- decent food but pricey. My hotel was able to heat it up double wrapped.

      3. Today is our last day in Portugal. Not much on the kosher scene to report. Met the Rabbi of the Belmonte community and had the only truly kosher (supervised) meal in our trip. Otherwise, as my friend calls it "kosher light". Fish, fruits and fresh veggies. Visited the places were kosher wines are made. Somebody finished the last LVB kosher Portos :).
        I think kosher food in portugal lost its impulse after the inquisition. Still, a lovely country. Visited the synagogues in Lisbon, Belmonte, Tomar & Porto. No daily minyan and often no minyan for chag.

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          Hi mrotmd!

          Can you please tell more details about " places were kosher wines are made"
          Just Planning my trip to Portugal.

          Thanks in advance

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              I saw this link. Just wanted to get some personal experience, since there is only one link that gave me some information.

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              Hi khgtfv, we did our Jewish tours with the help of Alexandra Machado of Portugal Deluxe. She arranged for us to meet the president and the Rabbi of the Belmonte community as well as the synagogues in Lisbon and Porto and the two wineries. With the fear of terrorism in Europe, is hard to actually visit the synagogues without pre arranging the visits. Alex was absolutely great. We were lucky, as the arrival of he grapes in Belmonte happened that day we were there. We had lunch with the rabbi in the winery. If interested, I'll give you Alex's email

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                Yes, that would help, thanks
                Can you also give me the name of the second winery? The first one is near belmonte, where Terra's del Belmonte is being produced, and the second one ?