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Apr 28, 2011 09:23 AM

Know any chefs who use argan oil?

I'm writing a story about argan oil. Recently back from Morocco and intrigued by the tree and its oil and production. Heard that it was very popular among chefs in Europe and also heard/read that it was healthier than olive oil. Know any chefs in the US who are using it? Would like to talk with them briefly. Thanks. Frank

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  1. frank, the long-time chef owner of Aziza (moroccan restnt)in San Francisco- uses it. And just fyi, dean and deluca sells it in Napa. most expensive oil they sell i believe.(needs fact checking.)

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      D&D sells it in NY also. Have a can in my fridge and use as finishing oil on simple things like raw tomatoes.

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        Is it comparable in taste to any other oil?

    2. Thierry Rautureau at Rover's in Seattle loves the stuff, or at least when I worked there it was always around, drizzled on something. I believe Thierry is good friends with Mustapha, who imports his own brand of argan oil, harissa, preserved lemons, etc from Morocco. Actually he is mentioned on the website, in 'our story': Seattle chefs who use these ingredients tend to use Mustapha's.

      1. other suggestions- Ana Sortun, chef.owner of Oleana(Turkish/Mediterrn.) in Cambridge MA.

        Ch search followed by cold-call to Moroccan restnts in major cities.

        1. I'm not a chef, but I have a bottle of argan oil in the fridge; I love using it on baked or grilled fish-the oil, acid, spices, fresh herbs- all mixed together in an Italian 'salsa verde' thingy.

          I like it in a vinaigrette with arugula and grilled hazelnuts

          Drizzled on goat's cheese

          1. Interesting. I will have to check it out (I am an oil freak).

            What does it taste like? Fruity? Nutty?