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Apr 28, 2011 09:17 AM

Where can I buy some skirt steak in Boston?

I love making fajitas with skirt steak, but am having a really hard time finding any in the grocery stores in Boston. Any idea where I might be able to find some? I'm willing to travel on the T to find some, but somewhere near BU or Fenway would be lovely.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. The Star at Packard's Corner (on Comm Ave, right by BU) usually has skirt steak. You'll find them at the far left of the main meat case, in heavy plastic shrink-wrapped packages, not the usual saran-wrapped on styrofoam.

    If they're out of them (which they sometimes are) you should be able to get some at the Meat House in Coolidge Corner.

    The Meat House
    1285 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

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    1. re: BobB

      That's amazing -- that's right by where I work! I'm going to drop by during lunch break and check it out. Thanks!

    2. Whole foods usually has it as well.

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        Whole Foods- I like skirt steak but not for $9.99 a lb.

        1. re: bizkat

          Whats it $8.99 a lb. at Star? Skirt steak is no longer a cheap cut of meat, but it does go a long way. Where do you get your Skirt Steak?

          1. re: phatchris

            To be honest, I haven't bought Skirt steak in a while.

          2. re: bizkat

            Yeah, last time I got skirt steak from the Fresh Pond Whole Foods it was closer to $15 a lb and poorly butchered (very tough from silver skin not removed properly). Won't make that mistake again.

            That said, skirt and flank are not cheap these days.

            1. re: nickls

              I ust checked my freezer and it was $10.99/ Savenors This for USDA Prime..worth every penny.

              Any suggestions about where you DO buy skirt steak at more reasonable prices, instead of where you don't? prime...choice?

              Cooking tip, I like to put a ancho rub, chimichurri, cook rare, 3 mins side on 8ooF with some flame..let rest and cut across the grain.

              1. re: 9lives

                I marinade my in a Mojo marinade(lime,orange,garlic,cilantro, evoo, salt and pepper), then grill 3 mins a side, let rest, cut across grain, and serve on grilled tortillas with homemade guac and tomatillo salsa.

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                  My Market Basket has it occasionally up here in NH - about $6.49 today when I saw it.

                  1. re: Msample


                    It's a great cut..keep it rare, enjoy!

                2. re: nickls

                  I've had the opposite experience at Fresh Pond--really nice skirt. Talk to Crosby there if you want to make sure you're getting what you want.

                  1. re: newhound

                    To be fair the previous time I had some nice skirt from there as well (FP WF), and their meat is usually very good in general, if expensive.

                    I was just disappointed last time, so I will make sure I inspect it more carefully in the future.

                  2. re: nickls

                    Let's understand that dressed cattle sold for an all time high of $92/100lbs last year. This year it's hit $128/100lbs. And that's just for commodity cattle. Wholesale beef prices are up 37%. I had dinner at a top Boston restaurant last week and they didn't even have beef on the menu. Fortunately I was going for the famous chicken entree, so I didn't mind. If beef prices got you down, it's time to eat something else.

                    1. re: almansa

                      That's fascinating information, Almansa. My meat CSA had to raise its prices recently for the first time in several years. Their costs have gone through the roof in the past year.

              2. If you can get to Hilltop Marketplace butcher shop, they have the Skirt steaks and Flank steaks for $6.99/lb regularly, and on sale often for $3.99/lb. I still have one in my freezer from the last sale.

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                  McKinnon's in Davis usually has them for between $3 and $5/lb