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Apr 28, 2011 08:59 AM

I'd like to make gluten-free version of jfood's salmon croquettes. Advice?

Is there a bread crumb sub that won't add an off flavor? If not, I'll just itchday the almonsay.

I believe Hellman's mayo is alright, and Lea & Perrins W sauce. Not sure about the Tabasco.

By the way, I'm cooking for a dear friend who eats gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. Any simple ideas welcomed! I'm amazed at how many of my ideas are tainted by dairy!

Thanks, all.

" jfood's Salmon Croquettes

1/2 of a 15.5oz can of salmon mushed
1/2 of a 15.5oz can of salmon in chunks
1/2C bread crumbs
1/2C mayo
1/2C chopped onion
1/4C minced yellow pepper
1/4 cup minced celery
1/4C chopped parsley
1 egg
2t grated lemon zest
1t dijon
1t worcestershire
6 drop tobasco

Mix together. coat with some more bread crumbs. make into patties and cook in oil."

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  1. Almond meal makes a good and tasty substitute. Tabasco is fine, but check your mustard. Some contain wheat flour, some do not.

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      Mustard! I forgot about the mustard! Thanks, maxie.

    2. Any ground or finely chopped nuts can fill in for bread crumbs. Won't give you the same qualities but are a nice alternative. My wife coats chicken breasts in ground pistachio or pecans on occasion, just to mix it up a little.

      1. Since there is gluten free bread, is there any reason you can't make that into gluten free bread crumbs? The recipe doesn't specify gluten bread.

        1. GF panko crumbs are available but they are not panko-like whatsoever. However, in this situation they would work well. I also use GF bread or crushed GF crackers as fillers or to bread things.

          Luckily in the US Worcestershire sauce (Heinz and Lea and Perrins) are GF; in Canada the Lea and Perrins is not and I cannot locate the Heinz. So I have Canadians who vacation down south bring some back to me by the case! :-)

          1. Are corn flakes GF? They are great crushed up as a sub for breadcrumbs. Also, I think cooked quinoa would work here, but don't know if that's GF, either. I bet rice would work, as well.

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              Corn flakes (i.e. Kellogs) in Canada are NOT intrinsically GF but you can purchase special GF corn flakes in some grocery stores. Quinoa is GF. I have Celiac so must be totally GF - a huge diet change for someone who is so in love with her food is sometimes a challenge. Rice Krispies are NOT GF, either, but I hear in the US Kellogs is going to come out with GF ones soon (be aware of cross contamination issues, however).

              For this dish you will definitely want something with some crunch. If you have steel cut GF oats (that are only made in a GF facility) you can partially grind them so they are still a bit chunky. They work well in meatloaf, etc.