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Apr 28, 2011 07:47 AM


We'll be driving a distance to visit both of our mothers on Mother's Day. They both live in Assisted Living in Cromwell and have a Sunday mid-day meal there. We are looking for somewhere fairly close by to take them for late afternoon dinner. They are both in their late 80s so we need somewhere that's quiet and accessible, nice service, "regular" food choices. Please help!

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  1. Mother's day is the busiest day of the restaurant year but by late afternoon, things may settle down

    1. At the risk of being attacked, I will recommend the restaurant at the Inn at Middletown. I know that food reviews of this place have been mixed, but here are my thoughts:
      - It has an old school charm that I think will appeal to your Moms
      - It is minutes from Cromwell
      - It has a turnaround driveway that will let you drop them right at the front door with one of you (and the other youngster can then find parking), or they have valet parking if you wish.

      My Mother and her husband are also in Cromwell in assisted living (both in their 90s). We brought them there for brunch and they loved it! Service and food were good. I don't know their arrangements for Mothers Day, but you can contact them if you are interested:

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        Thank-you sooooo much. This sounds perfect! Would still appreciate any other ideas as there will be lots of future visits!