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Apr 28, 2011 07:41 AM

Best FRIED PICKLES in Austin

I love fried pickles but have yet to find some really awesome ones in Austin. I'm hoping its because I am new in town and not due to a lack there of...

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  1. I'm from Mississippi, where fried pickles are always (or at least in my experience) battered thin slices served with a side of ranch. I was a bit horrified the first time I saw fried pickle spears, which seems to be the predominant way they're served around here.

    I've kinda gotten used to them though, so I'll say that the spears at Hill's are pretty decent. Black Sheep Lodge does, however, serve slices, so that's my only strong recommendation. They do 'em pretty well.

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      Evangeline Cafe does slices, with ranch. They also have soft shell crabs, which I love.

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        No kidding, the fried pickles at Upper Deck on Barton Springs and Riverside (old Bennigan's location) are pretty exceptional. Apparently they do their own pickling, and hand bread everything in house.

        For pub fare, their kitchen really knows what they're doing.

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          Wowsers! Thanks for the info! Now I need to make it over there...

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          Actually, I'll take that back about Black Sheep... just went there and they weren't so good this time. Pretty downright gross, in fact.

        3. Here are a couple of posts from a couple years ago that cover the subject:

          Fried pickle slices:

          Fried pickle spears:

          The only new addition I can think of is at Second Bar and Kitchen. The have fancy buffalo fried pickles. I haven't had them so I can't opine.

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            The buffalo fried pickles are awesome. They're the best of both worlds too, long, thin slices. So like a spear mixed with a chip! They have the tang of buffalo wings, the fried of fried pickles and the cooling of a thin blue cheese dressing. I could eat a ton of those things.

            Evangaline has the best plain old fried pickles in town though.

          2. Both Wings n More and Third Base have tasty fried pickle chips. I like the idea of fried pickle spears but in practice, the plasma hot pickle spear slides out of the breading and drapes over my mouth burning the heck out of my chin. I'll stick with the chips.

            Third Base
            1717 W 6th St Ste 210R, Austin, TX 78703

            1. You can get fried pickle chips at Chez Zee, they are so good. I hate pickles, but these just taste like salty, crunchy, yummieness!!!!

              Chez Zee
              5406 Balcones Dr., Austin, TX 78731

              1. I try them at every place serving them and so far the best I have had are at Billy's on Burnet.
                They are spears.