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Apr 28, 2011 06:55 AM

PIE MAKER like "The Waitress"? Sweets and Savories!

We are hosting a baby shower and our honoree is in love with all things Food Network. The idea we had is to have a pie theme. Savories, sweets and a salad for 25 women. Any caterers or chefs that make PIES? If they happen to be ex-Food Network contestant, that would be even better.

Prefer a single person who would actually show up to the party to cook in the kitchen or simply cater.

We are open to different types of food if there's someone that stands out for you. A good personality or look? This is a lunch-time party in Los Angeles. Budget is $1,000 for 25 women. Buffet-style is most likely given the budget. Hope it's not crass to give a number!

Thank you all in advance!

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  1. I Heart Pies Is local to LA. We tasted their stuff at Artisanal LA With a large enough order they will do Savory pies as well as Sweet. The Beef Pot Pie was Good and the Chicken Pie was Decent and I really like their Crust.

    1. simplethings pie shop on West Third St has the most delicious cherry pies, peanut butter mousse and chocolate silk pies. It's very "The Waitress"...

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        Speaking of simplethings, they're running a contest on KCET giving away five of their pies. I've had the chocolate silk too, and really enjoyed - anyone had their bourbon pecan?