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Apr 28, 2011 06:46 AM

Confusion regarding reservations.

Newbie here so please go gentle on me.. we have used the search functionality of CH but still have a few questions.

We are visiting Paris again this July for around 6 days. After much time surfing the boards here we have complied a list of restaurants that we are interested in "hopefully" getting to experience.

At his point we are aiming for:

Le Chateaubriand
Le Comptoir
Le Dauphin

Yes we know... somewhat predictable. During our first trip to Paris several years ago we quickly learned the downside of not making reservations ahead of time.

I have been calling daily in order to secure seats but have been getting mixed results. From reading through older posts we should be able to make reservations at this time but have so far been told the following:

Le Chateaubriand - Only taking reservations two weeks to the day in July?

Le Comptoir - No reservations taken in July - Walk in only?

Le Dauphin - Not taking reservations.

Can anyone confirm if these are the correct/current policies?

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  1. I know that Frenchie will accept a July reservation now. Spring is one month in advance.

    1. Le Comptoir has two different policies depending on time of day. Lunch is no reservations, you come a bit before 12 or well after 1:30 and not much of a wait, othertimes can be a long wait. Dinner is a very tough res. Most seats are reserved for the residents of the hotel attached to the restaurant. The evening meal is more expensive with costlier ingredients and very good l have been told. Been to lunch a number of times and quite good, never snagged a dinner res.

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        DCM is correct about Le Comptoir except in the summer they drop the dinner menu and run the "brasserie" menu all day with no reservations in the evening (the same as their Sat/Sun service) . Not certain the date they make the switch but assume post Bastille Day.

      2. Thanks for the feedback. Called Frenchie today and was able to secure a table for us mid-July.

        I was surprised to hear that they are starting their summer vacation early this year (July 22nd) The woman who took our reservation for the 21st said it was one of the last.

        1. Any opinion of aiming for lunch vs. dinner at any of locations above?

          Also.. with the no reservations policy at Le Comptoir in the summer what would be a good time to try for a seat in the evening (On maybe a Tues or Weds. evening)?

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          1. re: EWRTravelers

            Spring lunch is much better value.
            Frenchie has no lunh.

          2. Any additional feedback? We are hoping to finalize our bookings this week!