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Apr 28, 2011 06:32 AM

Make Ahead Food for Cinco de Mayo Party

I've been asked to bring a side dish and a dessert for a Cinco de Mayo party and I'm at a loss as to what to bring. I'll be working that day so it must be make ahead. I would like it to be as authentically Mexican as possible. Tortilla soup, enchiladas and avocado dishes are being brought by others. I could really use some help here...any ideas?

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  1. Black beans would reheat easily, and dulce de leche is always good.

    1. only mexican dishes?
      what about a nice coq au vin for the french?

      u know cinco de mayo is just a remembrance of the battle of puebla..where the mexican army defeated the french army...

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        Good point! I'll give that some thought!

      2. This is a site I have often used for recipes or just to get ideas:

        You might consider flan for an authentic dessert.

        Do you have access to tamale shops? If your group is small, this might work. If it is a large group, it could be cost-prohibitive.

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          Small town so no tamale shops. But I will check out the website. Thanks!

        2. Charro beans aren't too tough to pull off. Cook some pinto beans with some minced bacon (salt only once the water is colored). Add some diced tomato, a little bit of diced onion, and float a serrano (whole) and two or three stems of cilantro. You'll probably need to add water to make a soupy gravy, and season as necessary. This is much better the day after, so you can definitely let it sit in the fridge. Obviously, you'll want to pull the cilantro and chile out before serving.

          1. A really good olla of beans is hard to beat for a side. You could also try doing stuffed chayotes with chorizo or maybe making your own requeson (somewhat akin to ricotta) and seasoning it.

            For dessert, go with tres leches cake.