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Apr 28, 2011 06:14 AM

Help with Madeira, please!

Hello all,

We shall be in Madeira at the beginning of June.
So far, we have found little information on the site and would welcome all information/suggestions regarding restaurants in Madeira, Old Town, City and Lido.
Where can we find Porco Preto in Funchal? (there is a post about Porco Preto but the restaurant is not in Funchal and as of now we are not certain we shall venture much further out)
Where to go to for the best bacalhau dishes, fresh grilled fish and cabrito? Any specialties on the island which I don't know about?
Is every thing open or are there some places/areas which are still closed due to the latest events?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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  1. In Funchal I have been recommended “O Jacquet” as being great fun - a small and very rough tasca in the downtown area. They serve the best Lapas (limpets), Caramujos (winkles) and especially Bodião (parrot fish) deep fired in local herbs. Did not have a chance to get there unfortunately. Not much help, but might be worth the try!

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    1. re: monchique

      Thank you Monchique!
      Glad to hear from you! How are you these days?

      I shall put "O Jacquet" on the list and should we go there, I shall let you know!

      Wish we had one or two more days to spend in Lisbon!

      All the best to you!

    2. I went to Madeira as part of my honeymoon in 2003. Had a great time. The specialty there is espada fish with plantains. The fish has shark-like teeth, is black, and looks like an eel. Go to the great Funchal morming market to see them. Great flowers at the market and the gardens there. Have great photos from the hilltop gardens with beautiful views.

      I don't remember names of restaurants but went somewhere right along the coast and sat on the second floor by the windows facing the sea. Hotel (Reid's) recommended it. I was reasonable at the time but Euro is high now.

      1. I am fine thank you, except fed up with teh rain in the Algarve. Thinking of emigrating to London for some sunshine...

        Back to Funchal, but in a different bracket:
        The "Choupana Hills" has a very good restaurant, but you would need to take a taxi. The quality of the food and the view over Funchal from the terrace at night is worth the effort!
        Formal afternoon tea with all the trimmings at the Reids will bring you back a century (advisable to book), not to mention the traditional dinner-dance (on Saturdays I seem to remember).

        1. spike74 and monchique,

          Thanks for your help.
          I am hoping the restaurants you recommend are still in business after the latest events!

          Any other suggestions from other chowhound members please?