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Apr 28, 2011 05:49 AM

William Sonoma

I am visiting Spain and Portugal over the next few weeks and I was wondering if there is an equivalent to the American chains Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or Crate and Barrel. I would like to do some shopping in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon and it would be nice to have a head start on where to go.

Thank you,

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  1. Williams-Sonoma is a very northern Californian kind of gourmet store. Nothing is quite like it in Europe. On the other hand, you will find unique food stores in Europe, the likes of which you can't find in, duh, Sonoma.

    Two wondeful, intriguing gourmet stores in Barcelona, both in El Born:
    - Casa Gispert. C/ Sombrerers, 23. Beautiful, sort of Baroque food store.
    - La Ribera, on Plaça Comercial, 11. It has floor to ceiling canned food, which curiously Barcelona is very famous for. Also has very good and inexpensive saffron. It is not on prominent display. It is displayed by the cash register. You probably have to ask for it.

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      I'm not sure whether to OP is looking for a gourmet shop or a kitchenware store. The stores Kooper lists all sell kitchenware.

      If the OP wants kitchenware in Barcelona, I'd suggest Ferreteria Targa in the Born for basic and traditional, and for fancy, designy, chichi-poopoo stuff i'd go to Vinçon on Passeig de Gracià.

      1. re: SnackHappy

        That is the problem. The OP has not named any product, just a few store names which I imagine must be very big in his country.
        I too have been looking for, you know, something just like the famous specialty store Dorgi Thorndup in Llassa. Surely there has to be a store like that in Girona and Andraitx.

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          I feel your pain, Parigi. Perhaps the OP will come back and clear things up for us.

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            Williams-Sonoma sells a few food products, but is primarily kitchenware. Sur la Table and Crate and Barrel do not, as far as I know, sell food, so it is pretty obvious (to Americans anyway) that OP is looking for kitchen wares. Sorry that I do not have any suggestions for Spain and Portugal.

            1. re: rrems

              If it is as you guess, then definitely Targa and Vinçon, as SnackHappy recommended above.

      2. Here are some stores that you might want to check out in Lisbon. They aren't exactly like the stores you mentioned but have some similar qualities:

        Area: located in Amoreiras Mall or Colombo Mall/Centro Comercial. It is the closest thing that I can think of in Lisbon to a Crate & Barrel. They have furniture, frames, kitchen items (dishes, serving items, etc) but no food items. (Located in Amoreiras CC which has no metro stop. It is closest to Marques de Pombal and then walk up the steep hill. Colombo is located at Metro stop: Colegio Militar on the blue line).

        El Corte Ingles: the Spanish owned department store has in the past few years tried to become IMO more like a Williams-Sonoma in the kitchen section. The 5th floor has lots of kitchen items--pots, pans, serving pieces, etc. The ground floor has a regular grocery store and also a separate gourmet food store. Both have interesting food products and are worth going to if you have time. (Metro: Sao Sebastiao on the blue line)

        Other stores that you might find interesting:
        1. DeliDelux (Metro: Terreiro do Paco on the blue line) is most like a Dean & Deluca
        2. Mercearia da Atalaia (in Chiado) --gourmet foods shop
        3. Voa (also in Chiado) has home items on the 1st floor & food/kitchen items on the 2nd floor. The store doesn't necessarily have your typical Portuguese products but it has interesting items & the staff is friendly.

        All addresses can be found online.
        Hope this helps & enjoy your trip!