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Saigon Grill - is the coast clear?

I don't know if this belongs here, but it is a Manhattan question. I don't cross picket lines but I'd love to go back to Saigon Grill. There are no people outside these days but I don't know if anything was settled. Does anybody know what's going on there? (sorry if this question isn't allowed)

Saigon Grill
620 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

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  1. i hope the coast isn't clear because Saigon Grill serves awful food...the picket lines were doing everyone's stomachs a favor...

    Saigon Market
    91 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

    1. According to this website (as of two days ago), nothing's been settled and pickets continue Wednesdays through Sundays: http://sweatshopfreeny.tumblr.com/

      Hope you see this post before it's removed.

      And I agree with Simon about the restaurant's food quality....

      1. Yeah, I ate there once and that was one time too many.

        1. We go mostly to the one downtown which is now Saigon Market.
          My daughter is vegan and she loves the simple steamed veggies over brown rice, they do use good quality veggies and their sauces are not too heavy. Have been to both locations many times and find the food decent and mostly good. Very reasonable. I do think there has been a change of ownership downtown and I think the food is not as good anymore.

          1. I agree with the above posters - food is not worth your stomach space. Maybe if it were in Ohio (I knew a girl from there who thought Saigon Grill was the pinnacle of Vietnamese cuisine and went there every time she was in NYC - no offense to Ohioans in general.)

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              Thanks for the morning laugh

            2. I disagree about the food. I like Saigon Grill, but I would never describe it as authentic Vietnamese. I think of it as lighter, better Americanized Chinese food. I always make the analogy to steak - i find that Lugers is best, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a steak somwhere else. I just think of it as a completely different thing.

              Saigon Market
              91 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

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                I'm someone who loves General Tso's Chicken so it's not a matter of whether it's authentic or not to me. I simply never thought their food was delicious. YMMV, of course.

              2. Even if the picket lines were gone - the prices went up! I used to love them as a cheap and fast eat - but they removed cheap from the equation!

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                  Saigon Grill on University Place, had picket line many months ago. They changed the name now to Saigon Market. No picket lines. Same food, same place. They will probably do the same thing uptown. The pork chops aren't bad there, the food isn't great in general but when all else is closed and they are open , it's a good standby.

                  Saigon Market
                  91 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                    Can anyone tell me if they will reopen the space on 88th and 2nd?

                    1. re: UES Mayor

                      I see (from across the street) that there is a newly-opened restaurant on the SE corner that looks like an Asian fusion place.