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Apr 27, 2011 08:14 PM

"Frog" Pastry

Does anyone know where one could purchase a Frog Pastry? They used to be in the bakeries of Byerly's, Red Owl, Lincoln Del, etc? Red Owl and Lincoln Del are long gone, and Byerly's told me they discontinued them several years ago.They were usually chocolate brown or green, and were layered cake, with cream, and I think maraschino cherry??

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  1. You mean those little cakes that looked like frogs looking up? I remember them, too! And yes, I remember a cherry layer (cake? frosting?) in the middle of chocolate cake and creamy icing under the green fondant coating.

    I used to see them at Lund's and/or Byerly's, but haven't seen them here for years. I wish they were still available - I loved these little things!

    For those who have never seen these things, here's a picture of the frog cakes I bought in LA a few years ago - they got a bit messy because my mom sat on the box...

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      Aren't they cute...and delicious! Do you remember where you purchased them in LA??

      1. re: Gallery606

        I bought these little frogs from Gelson's in Pacific Palisades, back in 2008. Such nostalgia from my childhood!

        I'm very pleased to see (below) that PJ Murphy's still makes them - St. Paul is much closer than LA. :-)

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          Gelson's and PJ Murphy's are both far from me, but hopefully I can find them at either place when in their respective areas....

    2. I've seen them at PJ Murphy's in St Paul. Maybe call and special order?

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      1. We used to love getting them at the Lincoln Del when we were kids!

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          Me, too, what a treat! Loved the Lincoln Del!