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Apr 27, 2011 07:54 PM

Which closed door restaurant in Buenos Aires

I'll be in Buenos Aires a week from saturday (May 7 -May15) and I'm really looking forward to a closed door restaurant. Unfortunately, my first choice was Casa Salt Shaker and they don't have any dinners the nights i'm in Buenos Aires as we will be taking a trip to iguazu at the end of our stay. I'm waiting to hear back from Casa de Felix for dinner our first night in town but I'm not optimistic because the only option we have with them is the first night we are in town. If they are full that night does anyone have any other recommendations for other closed door restarants for that saturday or a closed door restaurant that is open mid week?

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  1. Okay, complete change of question. Casa Felix is also booked the night I wanted but is open the next weekend along with CasaSaltshaker. I am shifting my plans around and now I need help choosing between Casa Felix and Casa Saltshaker. I can go to one of the two but only one of the two. I've been reading reviews online and can't seem to decide. Any insight?

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      I haven't been to Felix but have been to Saltshaker. It was a fun night with great company but the food was ok. The atmosphere was a little strained that night, as if we had interrupted something prior to the dinner. Enjoy whichever way you decide to go.

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        i have been to both felix and saltshaker. felix is more expensive, but the food is better. that is not to say saltshaker is not good -- it is very good. saltshaker when i was there was all at one table while felix was individual tables. if forced to choose, i'd go to felix but you will likely enjoy both.

    2. Casa Felix is really good. They use local ingredients in a modern way. Casa Sunae, Cocina Discreta and Trentasillas are also get very good press from friends and family. The oldest closed door in BA is Mis Raices. It's been going for 25 years. I haven't been yet. It's on the list though. :)

      Honestly though, I don't understand why if you are visiting a city for a week you would want to go to a closed door restaurant. There are regular restaurants that are much better. But I guess that's just my preference. I'd rather go to somewhere that is more bustling and see more action around me.