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Apr 27, 2011 07:49 PM

Manishevitz kosher Pesach pie shells

They are made of macaroons and come pressed into an aluminum foil pan. I filled two of them with chocolate mousse. They were delicious.

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  1. Bought 'em. Didn't use 'em. They're sitting out on the counter as I contemplate a use for them.

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    1. re: ferret

      Sounds awesome. I'd prefer that to most prepared pie shells all year-round.

      1. re: DeisCane

        With a sweet, cold filling, they really were good. And would be year-round.

    2. My cousin filled one with chocolate mousse- was delicious. She added chopped chocolate into the mousse for some texture.

      1. The pie crusts also would probably work well with a cheesecake filling. A few years back on Pesach we made our own macaroon crust for a cheesecake. It was delicious!

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        1. re: absmiller

          I had key lime aspirations when I picked them up but couldn't work out a Pesach solution. Will give it a shot soon.

          1. re: ferret

            I made an ice cream pie with the coconut shell. The pie shell was very hard to cut through when slciing, perhaps because it was frozen. I had put the pie in the frig for about 20 minutes first to soften the ice cream . Topped the vanilla ice cream with chopped walnuts and Kedem raspberry syrup.

        2. I made a pear crumble in mine - I filled the coconut shell with a pear-cinnamon-nutmeg mixture, and topped it with macaroons crumbed with kosher-for-passover butter. delish.