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Buffalo Wild Wings suggestions

Hi All. I live near Oshawa and the chain "Buffalo Wild Wing" is spreading its wings in to Canada and will soon open a location in Oshawa. I realize it is a chain restaurant, but not having had visited any American restaurants of theirs, does anyone have any reviews of their food/wings or any suggestions to try? Thanks.

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  1. I tried them twice and myfavourite was the jerk wings.
    HOWEVER, I had a strong MSG reactionb both times I ate there, so won't be returning.

    1. I travel a lot for work, and sometimes work late into the day. When I can't find a local restaurant that suits my tastes and schedule, my fall-back is often Buffalo Wild Wings (especially on Tuesday night - wing night) I very much enjoy their wings. Are they the best I've had? I don't think so, but the are always good and they have a number of different flavors and heat levels to appeal to everyone. I like a lot of their sauces, and in general prefer hotter to milder, but my favorite is definitely "Spicy Garlic". A little hotter than medium, and always tasty. The curious thing is, and I've had others agree with me on this, is that some nights certain sauces seem hotter than other nights. That makes no sense, because you know that it's a chain and that the sauce comes in some kind of pre-made bucket or something, but it still happens. Maybe sometimes there is just more sauce on the wings. I don't know, and it's not a problem, more like a welcome surprise. Anyway, great wings and, at most locations, a wide selection of draft beers (avoid the Bud Light/Coors Light/Miller Lite crap, of course!) is more than enough to keep me coming back. I was recently in southern Calif. for 10 days and ate one night in the a "BeeDubs" there (son was craving wings...we ate local or regional stuff all other nights) and though the bartender said they didn't have any "local" beers (turns out she didn't know what she was talking about), she did serve a brew from Kona brewing in HI that had toasted coconut flavor in it. Wonderful! but I digress... try some wings, and let us know what you think. Good luck!

      1. Any word on whether this is open yet?

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          Opens next week, the 16th I think.

        2. Waiting for a review, anyone? Wondering if its worth the 1H drive from t.o. - buffalowildwings.com

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            I would doubt it. It is a chain restaurant and I don't believe any chain is worth driving an hour for! You might want to go to the chain board and read some reviews there, that may give you a better perspective.

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              Absolutely not. If you're going to drive that far for wings, go in the other direction and just go to Buffalo. BW3's spicy garlic wings are one of my guilty pleasures, but I also happen to have one within walking distance of my house. :)

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                Oh dear god no.

                Been to one in the states. Didn't think it was anything much better than Wild Wing here.


              2. Sorry - deleted my post.

                I thought this was about the Wild Wings chain, I failed to notice the Buffalo part.

                1. We just stopped in to pick up take-out. It was our first visit to a BWW. For hot wings we do like traditional Buffalo wings. We always stop at Duff's when we're in Buffalo and, also like the Anchor Bar's hot wings. In the burbs, we tend to go to Wild Wings. Just to give you a bit of context for our feedback.

                  In our view, the wings from Buffalo Wild Wings were good but not great. We tried 5 different flavours:

                  Spicy Garlic
                  Dessert Heat
                  Mango Habanero

                  The wings themselves were not flavourful, we really found they needed the sauce or seasoning to bring them to life. Even the blue cheese dip didn't have much flavour.

                  Of the wings we tried, our favourite was the Spicy Garlic. The sauce coated the wings well and wasn't goopy or sticky. The flavour of the garlic definitely comes through and the heat was medium.

                  Here's what we thought of the rest:

                  Desert Heat: a dry wing with a light, uneven dusting of seasoning that was not hot at all. The predominant flavour in the seasoning was chili powder however there was so little seasoning, it really wasn't that prevalent.

                  Mango Habanero - sweet, hot, gooey, sticky sauce that didn't have a real mango flavour just sweet, a bit of tang and hot. Too sloppy and not very flavourful for us.

                  Buffalo - surprisingly, this is a dry seasoned wing vs the authentic Buffalo wing. The wings were lightly and unevenly coated. The seasoning was flavourful but there wasn't enough of it to make a real impact. We didn't find them hot at all.

                  Hot - These look more like a traditional Buffalo wing. The sauce was hot but not especially flavourful. They were not as good as the hot wings from Wild Wing (the other wing chain).

                  On the plus side, we did like the fact that you could buy wings in 5's so you could sample different flavours. 5 wings cost $4.99 and if you buy 20 wings, they charge $19.49 so you get a tiny discount but get to try 4 flavours.

                  On the other hand, what we didn't like was the fact that the wing sizes varied a fair bit. 4 of our 25 wings were either quite tiny or, "injured" (missing a piece of meat).

                  So, next time we have a craving for wings and we're not up for the drive to Buffalo, we'll be going back to Wild Wings which we feel produces a superior product to Buffalo Wild Wings.

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                    Thanks for the review! Very similar to my experience at a BWW south of the border (though I don't know about your conclusion that Ont. Wild Wings is better).

                    Just to add to it, "Blazin" the hottest sauce they have, is pretty gross. It is fairly spicy (nowhere near the level of Duff's Armageddon), but it is just weird tasting! It isn't red; it's black. It tastes nothing like tabasco sauce. So just be warned, better to stick with the "Hot" mentioned above if you're looking for a true Buffalo wing experience.

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                      Wild Wing breads their wings = automatic fail.

                      Buffalo Wild Wings... haven't tried yet. Do they bread the wings? If no, I'll try them. If yes, automatic fail.

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                        The wings we like from Wild Wings aren't breaded TexSquared. We don't touch breaded wings. The BWW's I listed above are not breaded either.

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                          According to this post:


                          Wild Wing is breaded. And an automatic fail. I'll also support foreign investment (Buffalo Wild Wings) over a local poseur trying to keep the competition out through the courts, but that's another thread.

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                            Obviously I can't speak for that poster but I can assure you that in our experience, the wings we have purchased from Wild Wing in Whitby have not been breaded.