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Feb 3, 2006 06:13 PM

Sushi Sushi in BH - What do you think?

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What do people think of Sushi Sushi in BH? I have been a few times and love it. They serve sushi by the piece so you can try more things and don't get full so fast. You also don't have to share just because you want to try something. I haven't tried the cooked food yet. Maybe tonight. I also recommend sitting at the sushi bar. The sushi chefs may ask for them to allow their pick. It's almost like omakase without a set price. It's not cheap but very good.

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  1. I agree that the food is terrific. It's the best and most creative omakase I've ever had.

    1. one of my favorite Sushi places in LA.

      1. Very Very good. Tied for first for me is also Kirko off of Sawtelle. A hidden gem and more tokyo style contemporary sushi I say I have ever left unhappy. Omakase from the owner Ken is TO DIE FOR. If anyone feels otherwise, let's have an eat off.


        1. by far the best omakase i have ever had...i have heard many people say (people who have spent time in japan) that this is the best sushi chef they have eaten outside japan. shige (the chef at sushi sushi) is a genuine master of selecting the best products, utilizing the most advanced techniques, designing presentations and paying close attention to detail. it is a joy to eat at sushi sushi....enjoy!

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            i second all this - and want to mention that the first thing that truly caught my attention was not the fish - although it's top notch - it was the rice; perfectly prepared & seasoned - it complemented the fish wonderfully. *this* is why interns in japan spent years doing nothing but washing the rice & preparing it before starting on fish.

            the problem is that shige can be mercurial. fortunately, i got on his good side quickly - on my first visit, the hostess told me as i left that she'd never seen shige joke with a first-time visitor before - or go into omakase mode w/o my asking for it (he began suggesting orders & being no fool, i took him up on every suggestion which included his take on "batera" - forgive my attempt to romanize the word).

            my take is that he responds well to people who show him proper respect, which includes observing japanese traditions & customs in order selection & general deportment.

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              great observation on the is true, it is rice made by someone who must of spent 2 years making ONLY rice...see you there

          2. I love it!