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Apr 27, 2011 07:32 PM

no one mourns the death of doyers vietnamese?

i had been going to doyers vietnamese with my family since i was a little girl, so i really was in shock when i walked by awhile ago to see that it closed. since then i've only seen one thred here about this... but shouldn't doyers get more recognition??

i understand it's not the best, but i thought it was the best in manhattan. anyone have a doyers-style rec for vietnamese these days? i think nam son is pretty good, and xe lua's pho is good (though doyers never had a good pho). any other suggestions?

i save vietnamese eating for my visits to philly these days, but i want something closer!! thanks.

Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant
11 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. I think you're refering to moi thread. I, and my extended family also mourn the closing. We enjoyed our many dinners there, small groups, large groups, children,, no children, no matter what size, the service was always excellent and they didn't mind the kiddies roaming around ( one time one went into the kitchen).

    Prices were very reasonable and the food good-excellent. My only complaint minor at that), was that the main courses sometimes came before the appetizers.

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      but what do you do now? i am at a loss for a replacement. so sad.

    2. i didn't know it had closed...i've gone there dozens of times, mainly because a buddy of mine (an NYPD detective) used to eat there almost every day and i used to join him for lunch a lot...i liked their softshell crabs, fried fish w/ papaya salad, carmel chicken, asparagus&crab soup, and most of the daily specials...i'll ask my friend what happened to the place...

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          wow, awesome link - thanks for posting. have never really looked at doyers street (minus doyers vietnamese, the hand-pulled noodles place, and the $7 haircut place) but now will go back and really take a look. and probably take a picture of the doyers vietnamese sign as a last memory.

          1. re: jen223

            If you like NYC history, I would recommend the book Five Points. I read it while I was working in the area and got a good feel for the history of the place.


            As to the restaurant, this was one of the first places I went to eat Vietnamese food in the early 90s. It led to a few trips overseas I suppose. The history of Doyers Street is just a plus.

        2. I haven't lived in NYC for years so excuse me if I'm getting this wrong, but is this the same as the restaurant on Doyers whose sign just said "Viet Nam" ? If so, I used to go there at least twice a month for eight years. Their lemongrass fish was amazing. Never have had anything quite like their Vietnamese anywhere else, although Pho Pasteur came close.... Is that gone, too? And the $7 hair cut place was hilariously named Mei Dick as I recall. We used to go to Viet Nam and then watch a $6 Hong Kong double feature at the Music Palace. This brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for the thread. I join you in mourning.