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Apr 27, 2011 06:36 PM

good eats by LUISS GC University?

My husband and I will be in Rome in less than two weeks (yay!) and have listed down many contributions from previous posts; however, I didn't seem to find any restaurants closer to where we're staying which is adjacent to LUISS Guido Carli University (between Villa Ada and Galleria Borghese). Would you be able to give us some suggested places to eat dinner within walking distance or maybe one bus ride from our place? We're open to trattorias, pizzerias, etc.

Many thanks!

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  1. I don't know any specifics, but it's a very nice residential neighborhood where there are almost certainly some excellent trattorias frequented by the haute bourgeoisie and no tourists. I actually lived near there for a while 30 years ago, so my information is not recent, but there were at least two good trattorias, over toward Corso Trieste. I think there was a good fish place o via Chiana. If you walk the other way, to Via Nomentana, you can get a bus to practically anywhere, or keep going to Piazza Bologna, a very busy area with a subway stop. Villa Ada and, especially, Galleria Borghese do not exactly define your neighborhood.

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      Maureen - are you thinking of Da Ezio on via Chiana? I haven't been there in years, but it used to be quite good.

      I also seem to remember someone posting a rave review of a place near piazza Verbano - maybe VeRoma or something like that.

    2. LUISS has several locations. If you mean the one on Viale Romania, which is more or less between Villa Ada and Villa Borghese, you're talking about the upscale residential neighborhood of Parioli. All'Oro, currently a big favourite on the Italy board, is in the area.

      Via Eleonora Duse, 1, Rome, Lazio , IT

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        Otherwise if the OP means the LUISS in via Pola it is not too far but All'Oro is about 3km away (about 1,9miles).
        Anyhow it's a very nice and well connected area, but it's better to know more details about the exact location before going ahead with some suggestions.

        Via Eleonora Duse, 1, Rome, Lazio , IT

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          If it helps, the hotel confirmed that they are located at the Trieste-Salario area...?

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            Probably close to via Pola, but it is better you check the hotel address because Trieste-Salario is a large area.

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                FWIW here are some things that come up when that address is put into the Restaurant search box

      2. Ok, the address is just in front of the LUISS main building in via (actually viale) Pola.

        With A few minutes walking there is a pizzeria where I use to go quite often, attended almost exclusively by Romans. It is not a trendy and "top-quality" place but they serve a good thin pizza in typical roman style. If you go there don't miss to eat as "antipasto" a supplì and/or a potatoes crocchetta.

        An easy to reach area by bus is piazza Fiume, there are many bus lines through via nomentana. The best option there in my opinion is Osteria dell'Arco, a small restaurant-winebar with genuine food, fish and meat based. I like also their tiramisu (when they have it).

        If you are interested also in tasting ice cream, consider that walking about 15 minutes you get to Fatamorgana, one of the best ice cream parlors in Rome! Appreciated by other CH board contributors too ;-)

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          Am I interested in ice cream? Hell yeah! Lol! I promised myself that I will have at least one scoop of gelato a day during our 15 day Italian adventure! :)

          This is wonderful! I appreciate all the info, including the suggested items to order!

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            Lol :)
            I'm Roman so I can have a not objective view but in my opinion Rome is the city where you can taste the best ice creams in Italy. Not everywhere of course but it's easy to find top addresses.
            Happy you liked the suggestions and let me know if I can help with some more information.