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Apr 27, 2011 06:19 PM

Shiso Tree Cafe - An interesting 'Pasta' find inside J-Town!

Based on fellow chowhounder skylineR33's recommendation, I head over to the above captioned eatery to try out their 'Japanese style' Italian Pasta. I was hoping to re-capture some fond memories I had in Tokyo a few years back, whence I experienced one of the best tasting pasta dish ever! A cherry tomatoes, Hokkaido king crab leg meat spaghetti in a basil-tomato sauce. IMO, sometimes the Japanese can come out with some delicious Italian pastas that would even make Italian cry!!

Although the menu of this cozy modern cafe does not feature anything as exotic as the dish I eluded to above, however there are enough interesting 'white/Tomato/cream' based varietals to tempt the palette.

The two of us ordered the ' Tarako' - Pasta with cod roe, garlic and shimeji mushrooms garnished with nori and shiso ( $10 ) and the ' Bolognese,Bacon, Sausage" - Pasta sauteed with bacon and Berkshire pork sausage topped with a Bolognese sauce made with a combination of Angus beef and Berkshire pork slow cooked for hours ( $12 ).

For $7 more we both ordered the 'set' which included a Shiso Tree house salad, Garlic toast, soup of the day ( cream of broccoli with gorgeous croutons ) and a slice of cake ( we chose the rare cheese cake and the chocolate mousse. Both very light and yummy ).

The pastas were pretty delicious and cooked just a touch over al-dente ( which I actually prefer ). The soup was piping hot and creamy, topped with some freshly baked 'killer' garlic croutons. The roasted seasame based Japanese dressing for the salad was very unique and tasty. Overall the meal was very satisfactory and the price very reasonable

I'm already planning my next trip there. This time ordering the pasta with 'Shiso white wine clam sauce' and the ' garlic shrimp, clams and tomato based sauce '.

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  1. Agreed that the food is outstanding there. It's the same owner of the bakery in J-Town. You can buy the cake from J-Town.

    1. Sounds interesting! I'll probably check it out for lunch tomorrow.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thanks for the tip, eating weird Japanese interpretations of pasta was one of the many food highlights of living in Osaka! I will definitely check this place out.

          1. That Tarako sounds oddly yummy.