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Apr 27, 2011 05:48 PM

Yamadora - Really good Korean in East Haven, CT

They just opened in Trolley Square, in the Stop & Shop plaza, across from the post office. I stopped by for lunch, and was really impressed. Friendly service, lots of side dishes, and complimentary oranges and a cinnamon & ginger drink at the end. It's a beautiful space too.

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  1. A friend just told me about this place and said it was quite good.
    I can't wait to get over there.

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    1. re: chefstu

      So happy they're there. The only options in the area are Seoul on Crown Street in New Haven, which isn't that great, and Oriental Pantry on Orange, which sells some prepared food.

      1. re: newhavener

        i agree! we were so excited, we went the 2nd day they were open. there's really nothing else like it around here.

    2. Bulgogi is a bit too sweet but other than that, everything was excellent - very authentic and much better than Seoul in New Haven.