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Apr 27, 2011 04:55 PM

Fiori in Great Barrington (Ma) Lots of hype - any of it genuine?

So I'm wondering if there's anyone here on CH who's ACTUALLY been and eaten at Fiori?

They are great with social media and there are all kinds of links, and pics and lots of other 'Fiori generated' buzz out there on the internet. I guess I'm searching for an actual review of the joint.
I will probably wait until later when the season gets going full swing and I can really see what they about.
Just wondering if anyone's been yet.
Thanks (happy spring finally hounds!)

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  1. I haven't been yet but I have spoken with many who have eaten there. A lot of mixed reviews ranging from average to very good, very expensive drinks, and a very good to not so great antipasto depending on if you like cured meats. People seem least impressed ( this puts it mildly) with the service attitude and specifically the unfriendly hostess situation.

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      ditto with above. i have not been there yet, and the only comments i hear ( from 3 different groups who have been ) is 1 - the service is beyond terrible, and 2 - the drink prices are ridiculous. i havent even heard anything about the food. i did see photos of the menu on facebook and it looked amazing. i dont know, it makes me sad. i loved the old pearls space and was super excited to have a italian place move in there. wish it could have been a more moderate priced place. i will wait a few more months to try, hopefully the staff will get the kinks out.

    2. Thanks! It's kind of what I was expecting to hear. The pics of the food look great (don't they always) and their links/facebook posts/ etc are all glowing but none are from regular , off the street, nonrelated diners.
      To me the real thing is the food. Great food, good value, good vibe.

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        i just heard that jeans are not allowed in fiori.....???!!!!!!! i also see an ad in the shoppers guide everyweek hiring every position....

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          We tried it in August and quite enjoyed the food- especially the heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella appetizer. The deconstructed lasagne was good but would have preferred a more traditional version. The fish entree was excellent.

          I would definitely return- smaller portions and a bit pricier than the competition but high quality ingredients and imaginative preparation. I would now rate it as one of the better restaurants in the Berkshires.

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          1. My wife and I ate from Fiori's bar menu a few times this summer and really liked it. (We actually had the deconstructed lasagna from the regular menu; not lasagna, as I understand the dish, but very, very tasty anyway.) Their bartender, Jesse, is also an excellent mixologist. I definitely recommend it.