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The Good Table-Cape Elizabeth, ME

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A few friends and I went to the good table in Cape Elizabeth and had a nice time. Can't say the service was my favorite we were greeted and seated immediately but it seemed like they were more interested in entertaining themselves then taking care of people. No anticipation of needs so lots of trips to the table for them..oh well onto the food. It was good, not stellar but good and reasonably priced. The grapefruit martini's were not good so skip those even though I do love a side car it was just poor blending and ratio. For the table we got an appetizer but I can't remember what it was which should tell you the statis of it. We had the mixed grill which had a 1/2 of greek sausage on it which was nicely flavored but dry (could be the way it is supposed to be), some hanger steak and 5 bbq ribs which came with starch and a salad. All was properly cooked and tasty...the rib sauce was a little sugary but not offensive. Here is the kicker.....we got onion rings which came out of a bag, which would have been ok if the other person hadn't gotten a ribeye that came with these house made onion straws/rings which were delicious. Bad idea in my book do one or the other. We had a spanakopita which was flavorful kind of....again it was good but looked like it had been made a long time ago. It must be difficult to hold something like that and have it look stellar if you don't make it everyday. We had dessert of an orange chocolate poppyseed cake which was dry but good flavor and a piece of cheese cake which was yummy with strawberries on it. I would go back here to give it another try because it was good and reasonably priced. Curious what other people have to say about it.

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  1. Okay for breakfast/brunch maybe. If you wanna be right around there.

    1. Use to like going there but the last time I went with a party of 8 we had a bad experience. Don't know if it has changed but they didn't take reservations so we got there when the restaurant opened. We had a bill of well over $300 and had just gotten our dessert when the owner asked if we could hurry up and leave as they had people who wanted a table.

      1. TGT has been very, very uneven lately, and its recent best has been really mediocre. Not sure why but I'd guess there's been some major turnover of kitchen staff, all for the worst too..

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          That's too bad, as though I've never eaten dinner there, their breakfast was quite good once. Will have to try again to see if it's gone downhill for breakfast as well.