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Apr 27, 2011 03:21 PM

Current Collection | Ideal Collection

I know for some of you with huge cookware collections this might be a bit much but I thought it would be fun to share what we're cooking with (I was thinking pots/pans only otherwise this would be impossible). List your current collection - an annotated list would be great, what are your favorite features, what might you choose differently if you were purchasing today, etc. Also, do you have an ideal collection? If money was not an issue do you know what you'd run out and buy and what would be making it's way to goodwill?

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  1. I just started getting into cooking so I don't have much.
    A few months ago I bought a set of try ply stainless steel cookware with an aluminum core, which I am very happy with.
    I also just got a 6 qt oval Staub french oven.

    If money was not an issue, I would get a good set of copper cookware, just because I like the look.
    I would also add more staub pieces and also get some le creuset pieces, including a few different sizes of dutch ovens, and I would also like to get one of the buffet casseroles.

    I probably will actually buy some of the staub and le creuset pieces as I get money. I can't just buy them all at once, plus I have to think about what will actually get used. The copper....I don't see myself getting any time soon. It is beautiful to look at, even when it has the aged look, but I don't really do any fancy cooking that would require that level of temperature control, so I am not willing to spend that kind of money.

    I am actually really happy with my try ply set. It is JC Penney cooks brand. I got it on sale for nearly half price. The only thing I would change is I wish the set would have came with a 10" and 12" pan instead of 8" and 10". But I can always keep my eyes out for a good deal on a 12" pan.

    1. My current collection is a mix of materials:

      Frying pans:
      12" lodge - love this! Took me a while to learn to use CI but it was worth the learning curve. If I had it to do over I'd look for vintage. I'd still love to find some vintage pieces.
      9.5" ikea cast iron - this is a little strange in shape but it's got very low sides which can be helpful. It was my first foray in CI and if I were doing it over again I'd pick a traditional shape so I could bake in it too.
      9.5" de Buyer crepe pan in blue steel - this is really a great piece, beautiful crepes and piqued my interest in blue steel. It's so light and really seasoned beautifully.
      10" and 12" Calphalon non stick - great for eggs.

      Saute pans:
      9.5" Baumalu copper - this has been a really fun piece. A little small but got it on sale! I'm not crazy about the tin lining - it really looks quite strange. It could be the pan though; might be a second or off somehow - got it at a discounter.
      4 qt All Clad D5 - this is really a great pan, good sear, great size, great workhorse. I initially bought a fry pan in AC and much prefer this saute shape. Keeps me from stirring out veggies and helps me make pan sauces!
      6 qt All Clad D5 - this is great for a large pan. It's not been used yet (just got it) but I'm really looking forward to being able to cook 4-6 chicken breasts at a time!

      5 qt Le Creuset - awesome big surface. Fabulous for coq au vin!
      5.25 Bourgeat - on the way - hope it'll be awesome. I chose this over the saute for it's two loop handles.

      Sauce Pans:
      2 and 4 qt from All Clad in the D5 - features that I like are the handles and rims. I don't like how they are both tall sauce pans - harder to get utensils in. I'm actually going to sell them.
      2.5 qt Bourgeat - this is on its way. Hope to love it!

      3 qt All Clad - awesome. Sought out the one with the rolled rim, helper handle and domed lid.
      2.5 and 1.5 Bourgeat - on their way. Hope they'll be perfect!

      Dutch ovens:
      7.25 Le Creuset - perfect for everything including a whole chicken.
      5.75 Bourgeat - awaiting its arrival. Hope it'll also take the place of a large sauce pan.

      Pressure Cooker:
      8 qt Fagor - perfect for pot in pot cooking methods. Great for a whole chicken, stock, braising and steaming at the same time. Awesome gadget I learned about here.