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Apr 27, 2011 03:17 PM

Zacharian and Next Iron Chef

I am sure many of you read the article in the NY Times today about Zacharian's legal problems. Obviously, people are sued every day. What makes this problematic for him is the accusation he did not pay workers properly and has declared bankruptcy to avoid restaurant related obligations. Whether true or no, I have no ides. However, I wonder if this will impact his Food Network career and specifically his chances of winning TCM on Bravo. What do you think?

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  1. Oops - it's the Next Iron Chef, on Food Network - which makes sense as that is the "Chopped" network as well.

    1. TVFN took back Irvine they''ll keep Zacharian if he brings the eyeballs

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        But man, the lawsuit does not make him look good!

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          Zacharian isn't first celebrity chef with legal issues, nor will he be the last.

          Star-studded (partial) list here:

      2. FYI to all, his last name is "Zakarian."

          The darling of many Chow posters, Mario, has been hit with similar lawsuits.

          1. as long as I can continue to view his lovely face on tv, his problems are his and I am oblivious as to what they are, wasn't there. I find him simply beautiful, I know OT...

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              Really, even before this imbroglio I found him unappealing. He is arrogant in a very unappealing way. On chopped I prefer the two rotating female chefs or almost any of the others to him.The description of him in the NYT article is how I imagined him to be. I think exploitation of workers is an issue we all, as avid chow consumers be aware of and concerned with.

              1. re: Mangita

                I agree with you. And now that I hear that his partner is taking the side of the employees, saying that Zakarian did indeed cheat them, and use the funds from the restaurant for his own personal gain, I think this is more complicated than a simple bankruptcy.


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                  I was simply commenting on an attractive mans appearance.
                  Nothing more.

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    Hmmm...yes, that is definitively a matter of taste!