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Apr 27, 2011 03:16 PM

Jp's Bistro-portland

-A friend and I had dinner at JP's bistro on woodfords street and it was delicious. I hope people give it a try. There were many blackboard seafood specials-- too many to list and a nice solid menu with good service. We had a caesar salad with loaded with anchovies and big shavings of cheese, a thick double cut pork chop on the bone with a balsamic reduction, a ribeye perfectly cooked and not trimmed with in an inch of it's fat life, both served with some veggies that had a little snap in them and some standard red bliss garlic smashed potatoes/rice pilaf. Nice wine list...had a great malbec and we shared a coconut cream pie which was filled with tons of coconut but not killed with cornstarch which was such a pleasant surprise. My only complaint was the lemon chicken soup...not enough lemon at al--l but certainly not a deal breaker on if I go back there. All the dishes we saw looked delicous and we can't wait to try more.

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  1. Excellent Food, good variety, great service, and one of my favorite restaurants in Portland. JP is great chef. My only complaint is its warm inside in the summer, and very small...

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      Is this the old Rachel's location?

    2. Really? We tried it soon after it opened and it was one of the worst meals I've ever had. Some sort of chicken cutlet and mashed potatoes with canned tomato sauce poured on it. Very unappealing. Several of the menu items seemed to feature chicken cutlets -- not sure what sort of restaurant it was supposed to be. Maybe they've worked out some kinks along the way but with so many good places restaurants in Portland we haven't considered going back. We really miss Rachels, however...

      1. My wife and I went to JP's Saturday night, spur of the moment date night. We were blown away. Sometimes food in Portland is a bit complicated and over the top. JP's keeps it fresh, simple and absolutely delicious.

        We sat at the bar, it was cramped but that's ok. Started with the Brushetta as I am a bit of a Brushetta fan boy. Probably the most delicious Brushetta experiences I've ever had. Amazing mozz. Cheese on top, well flavored with olives,garlic and some oil. Fresh baguette.

        She had the Cedar Plank Salmon and mentioned it was the best she's ever had. Blew my mind as she's a consistent orderer of salmon when we go out. I had the chicken and eggplant parm, yes standard and not too adventurous but I feel this is a dish to gauge the ability of an establishment. Absolutely perfect while being quite unique at the same time. Eggplant was very moist and wedged between two thinly sliced pieces and lightly battered and delicious chicken. The sauce was spot on, amazing.

        Such a good time and experience. Need to go back ASAP.