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Apr 27, 2011 03:16 PM

Group of kids in north Austin?

Any ideas for where to take a group of about 25 teenagers in north Austin? Preferably within 10 minutes of Burnet and 183. $12 or less and not a chain or fast food. Thanks!

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  1. For simplicity's sake, I would say Rudy's at 183 and Duval. It has the seating capacity, to keep everyone together, and you can order family style and still keep it under 12 a head. Probably not a good choice if you have any vegetarians though.

    1. I dont drive so I be off with distance.. but I think there is a Waterloo Ice House near there.. WHich is fun burger place it a bit more elevated than redular "fast food" if you want something a bit nicer there is a place on Lake travis called Oasis I am not sure how far it from Burnett that would be very impressive for its view and justs coolness... Not sure is Catfish landing is still around?

      Waterloo Ice House Restaurants
      8600 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

      1. Newk's in the Arboretum has a fairly large menu and the food is decent (and decently priced) with a sizable dining area.