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Apr 27, 2011 03:08 PM

St. Petersburg - somebody? anybody? please help!

Going to St. Petersburg with DH and another couple in the beginning of July.
I could not find any information at all about St. Petersburg here. Please help me with any advice you can.

I'm looking mostly for casual places with Russian food.
Also, I'm looking for a nice venue where we could dress smart casual and enjoy a really good meal for a bit more money. I'm talking up to $60-70 per head, not more.
Also, we would like to have a little splurge on caviar and vodka.
A vodka tasting would also be very nice.

We speak Russian, some of us better than others but I'm sure we'll get by without English there.

Please, somebody, anybody there, help me with this town!
Thank you very much, all the help will be really appreciated!

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