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Apr 27, 2011 02:56 PM

Spot Prawn Season Starts May 5th

According to the BC Prawn Fisherman's Website. Let me know your thoughts on where to buy the best (as well as reasonably priced) spot prawns for home cooking and your favorite places to dine out on these critters (while the season lasts).

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  1. As always-Chinatown for bargain prices on BC's Best!

    Also-be sure to check the T&T website to see when they have Spot Prawns on special.

    1. Kirin on Cambie used to have great quality spots for about $4/lb less (prepared, served, etc.) than live ones at the market. Salt and pepper fried all the way, then you can eat the whole thing, or almost! That's where I'll be headed.

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        Went to Koon Bo last night, the prawns pan-fried in soy sauce were fantastic: great juicy heads, very fresh taste. Still pricey but it is early days. Squab was really great, too.

        Kirin this morning was alright, I like how they do them fried with salt and pepper. Tasty heads again and well fried, but surprisingly undersalted, which was a bit of a bummer. Somehow they were just "OK." Slightly more upscale than Koon Bo in price and otherwise.

        I think my new favourite style is pan-fried in soy sauce. The flavour of the sauce really resonates with the tomalley and other funky tastes in the head, which also stays juicy like plain steamed prawn. So delicious.

        Now I am thinking I might go try this style at Sea Harbour. Anyone have any comments on theirs, or other suggestions?

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          We had them at SH in soy sauce last year but v. late in the season so were not too impressed with the size, freshness or price :-). I think that dish won an award for them though...

      2. Saw them in the T and T ad at about $12\lb; don't know if that is a good price.

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        1. re: Philx

          They should go down to $8-$10 in season

        2. I think the Oakridge Fish Market (near the library entrance) had rather good spot prawn prices last year. Can't remember exactly how much.

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          1. re: kinnickinnik

            That's a great little shop, clean as a whistle run by friendly welcoming folks and with some excellent prices.

          2. We buy them year round, frozen, headless, in 1lb tubs for $15.00.
            #4 Rd./Finn Rd. ,south of Steveston Hwy, Richmond.
            There's always a sign in the driveway ( west side)