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Apr 27, 2011 02:51 PM

recipe for hajapuri (spelling??)

One of my old girlfriends is Georgian (USSR). Her mom would make for me this hajapuri (sorry, it doesn't really transliterate from Georgian to English well). A flat bread with cheese. [Drool] I'd love to try and make it, but I have not been able to find any recipes yet. Any suggestions?

Recipes that do not call for butter are especially wanted.

link to a photo of the dish:

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  1. Puri is an Indian flat bread. Khaja Puri is a very sweet Indian dessert. I haven't been able to make the connection between the description and the product as I know it.
    You might have some success doing a Google search with "Indian Cheese Puri" ....

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      I don't have a recipe, but I've seen it spelled khajapuri and khajapouri before too. Maybe try searching under those spellings?

    2. I thjnk this will do what you want:
      Story on recipe I think is this:

      However this is the Google search page with what looks like a more accurate spelling, but the recipes as you can see vary.

      Looks good!

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          1. Nigella Lawson has a recipe in her book, Feast.


            I've made it and thought it was very good. It was thicker than the one shown in your picture. It has butter, though. I suppose you could replace the butter with a lesser amt. of shortening.

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              Much thanks to all of you . . . I'll be trying out a few of these recipes. You guys rock! :-)