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Apr 27, 2011 02:47 PM

Denver Sweetbreads

ahhhhh those wonderful bits and pieces!! But where does a foodie find them in Denver!!!??? arrggghhh!!!!!
I am looking to find a place that serves sweetbreads up sauteed in a demi glaze or something of the sort. I had these growing up here in Denver back at the Paradise Valley Country Club. Yes, I was a young man and I found these delectable morsels in a deep rich gravy that I just ate up until I couldn't move; then my father informed me of what I was eating and I was wrecked. Well, my palate is wanting this taste again and I"m not liking that I can't find them here on my own. I don't want the breaded and fried as that just dries the parts out and honestly, I could be eating anything for all I know under all the breading and such.
if you can assist me here I'd be forever in your debt!

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  1. Squeaky Bean has sweetbreads- they won't be the same preparation of your past, but the SB is a wonderful restaurant.

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    1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

      well lucky me as i've just moved up into the Highlands!
      I've heard good things about this place...I'll give it a try

      1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

        sadly i just heard this place has closed it doors...guess I missed out as they were on my list of places to try

      2. I see them on the menu at Palace Arms (Brown Palace hotel) although it says "cornbread" which I know probably means "pan fried". However- I would bet a call to the restaurant would connect you with a chef/sous who would happily prepare them as you would like them.

        1. Try Argyll & Colt & Gray

          Colt & Gray
          1553 Platte Street, Denver, CO 80202

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            thanks for the responses...I was actually just at Argyll on Friday and they bread and fry their sweetbreads. looks like that is the way of the world now and I'll just have to find a recipe and make them myself!
            appreciate all the input

          2. Highlands Garden Cafe has a pretty amazing sweetbread dish. My family is from Uruguay where all things cow are game, sweetbreads is a staple of the huge Parillada bbq feast. I took my father to HGC a few years ago and he still to this day talks about the sweetbreads there. Amazing.

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            1. re: MerrySwankster

              I just met a sous chef from Twelve restaurant and they have sweetbreads on their appetizer menu for the month of Tues-Thur they have a prix fixe menu for $35!
              thanks for all the responses!

              1. re: kscant

                ok just had the sweetbreads at Twelve last night and it was worth the sit. I only wish there had been more!
                you can check out my foodspotting pics!
                Merry, I have looked at the HGC menu and don't see it there so maybe this is a special request? i might try to call them and ask to see if they would make it up.
                if your padre is still talking about it ...I'm sold!