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Apr 27, 2011 01:31 PM

Romantic Steak dinner?

So I did some searches on here and I've come up with a few ideas but I thought it might be nice to get some opinions.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in July. Its actually on a Sunday but we could do Saturday dinner if needed. We live in southern/central VA but will be traveling up to the Northern VA area that weekend Sat-Mon. to celebrate our anniversary and also take our daughter to the new American Girl doll store in Tysons. (She'll be staying with family for our dinner.)

Last year for our anniversary we had a wonderful dinner at the Ruth's Chris in fairfax. Best steak I've ever had. We are definitely steak people. But we'd like to try something new this year.

My husband would love to try one of the places with the large course menus or a chef's table or something, but the truth is I'm not sure either of use would really enjoy/appreciate the food and I'm acutally kind of picky. No fois gras for me please.

So that being said, I'm looking for somewhere fantastic to eat that would have a great steak and be good for a special occasion dinner. On my list are Capital Grille and BLT. But I'm open to ideas. We'd probably like to stay around or under $300 give or take a little including wine/drinks and tip.


Capital Grille
601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

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  1. I went to BLT last fall, and I have to say while everything (apps, and sides) was delicious the steaks were really underwhelming. Just not up to par - i mean, the ribeye was almost $60! I have heard really great things about Charlie Palmer's and my husband thinks it is one of the best steakehouses in DC. It is a nice atmosphere, very modern and sleek (cool restaurant bathroom!) and the side dishes are apparently out of this world.

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      Thanks, I'll llook that one up.

    2. You will be sorely disappointed int CG or BLT. The answer to your question is most certainly The Prime Rib on a Saturday night. I have previous posts about it on this board.

      Prime Rib
      2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

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          Ditto Prime Rib. Id consider it the only choice. Also Pappy was posting here before I was, and I've been here a long time, so his recommendation carries some weight. Really PR is what you're looking for.

          Prime Rib
          2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

          1. re: kt_mom

            The Prime Rib, to me, is many, many happy memories. It's probably more about the atmosphere than the food, although I am quite happy to eat there.
            The decor is black walls and white table clothes, mirrors, sconces, gold and silver, and animal skin prints. The chairs are substantial, and made of tufted black leather. Huge fresh flower arrangements are everywhere. It's more supper club than restaurant.
            The hosts and waiters are in crisp tuxedos, and address you as "Mr. Pappy". There is a baby grand piano in the dining room. Gentleman are dressed, as dictated by the Jacket and Tie Required policy. Women are equally dressed up for a special evening.
            The service is impeccable. The martinis are large. The wine properly decanted. A request for ice brings a small crystal ice bucket with small silver tongs, gently set on the table. And while there are lots of tables of men, there are many more of couples. What you don't see, as you do typically at Morton's et al, is the "deal close celebration" table. That's the group of 12 bankers and lawyers toasting themselves that is so ubiquitous at other places.
            I can't really comment on the food beyond "my usual". My standard order is clams or oysters on the half-shell, which are always impeccably clean and fresh. Then the prime rib, Flintstonian in size, literally 3 inces tall, perfect warm reddish doneness end to end, served with real, fresh, shaved/grated horseradish. And the creamed spinach, which is fine. The Crab Imperial is also delicious. I've also had perfect swordfish and salmon, served very plain. This is not Michelin 4 star cuisine. But what they do, they've been doing for a long time, and they do it just right.
            So it's certainly not for everyone. It is not casual, or laid back, and it not for those who want "not pretensious." It's not cheap, it's not gourmet, it's not "fun" . It's old school, it's wonderful to some and and it's not apologetic about it.

            Prime Rib
            2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

            1. re: Pappy

              Excellent summation, although ties are no longer required at the DC location. I prefer that to the original Baltimore location though, which is relaxed to Business Casual all the time, with jackets "requested" on Saturday night.

            2. re: kt_mom

              Another vote for Prime Rib. We went for an anniversary dinner and were very happy with the food & service.

              Prime Rib
              2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

            3. re: Pappy

              So I'm guessing they serve Prime Rib.

            4. I really like Wildfire Restaurant in McLean. They've got great steak, and they do beer pairings as well.

              1. The best steak I've had in the District was the porterhouse at Capitol Grille. OTOH, I hated Ruth's Chris, but it seems like the one in Penn Quarter is particularly bad. And we spent a *ton* of $$$ at Cap Grille - more like $400, with wine, tip, etc.

                I really, really like J&G also - just request one of the booths. Skip the steak sauce though. Might be a nice option for you because the non-steak apps, salads, desserts (salted caramel sundae, mmmm) are stellar and the atmosphere is fantastic. You get to skip the line up to POV lounge for an after-dinner drink with an amazing view, also.

                I actually cancelled a reservation I had for Prime Rib for my husband's birthday and went elsewhere after seeing some not-so-great reviews regarding the service. I guess I'll check out what people have said here and think twice about that.

                1. I would also consider Charlie Palmer Steak, Bourbon Steak and J&G Steakhouse

                  J&G Steakhouse
                  515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004