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Apr 27, 2011 01:18 PM

Denver brewpubs

I'll be in Denver next week -- first time, can't wait. Been trolling the boards here looking for recommendations. We're looking for a brewpub rec, the best combination of beer and food, because some people are really big on beer and others don't drink beer. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. It's not a brewpub, but Euclid Hall (in Larimer Square) has an astoundingly well-chosen and large selection of beers (mostly belgians, but some others as well) and great grub - upscaled versions of poutine, schnitzel, handmade sausages, etc. Very fun place, not your typical brewpub atmosphere.

    For an actual brewpub, try Vine Street Pub (in the Uptown neighborhood). It's basically an offshoot of Boulder in Denver (it's the same folks that own the iconic Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder). The food is OK pub fare, nothing spectacular but it's cheap and fresh (burgers, burritos, etc.), but the beer is really excellent.

    Finally, if you want some high-end food in a place that also has an incredible beer selection, head up to Boulder and go to the Kitchen. Huge beer cellar - a lot of local brewers like to come here and check out obscure belgian bottlings - and also some of the best food anywhere in Colorado.

    Larimer Square
    , Denver, CO 80202

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      I second the recommendation for Euclid Hall. It has a great beer selection (very carefully thought out) and great food too. And it is close to some other great spots as well.

    2. If you're looking for an amazing selection of beer, the Falling Rock can't be beat:

      they have beer that nobody else can get. Food is a second thought, but occasionally surprising.

      A true icon is the Wynkoop, which has been an institution since the beginning:

      Decent beer, decent food, and an entertaining crowd.

      There's always the selection of corporate "brewpubs" available, too, depending on where you want to be in town.

      The nice thing about the Denver metro area is that most decent restaurants will have a reasonable selection of beer - you're probably safe picking the food you want and betting that there will be a drinkable beer there.

      1. I love the beers at Bull and Bush (Glendale) and the food is always pretty good too.

        1. When you say you are looking for a brewpub, is that just because you are looking for a place with plenty of good beers on tap that you can't find at home (wherever that is)? Or is it because you want to be at an establishment that brews their own beer? Because, as noted by others, there are plenty of places here that have great beer selections, but may not brew their own. I like brewpub food, but it rarely elevates to "foodie" status, so the people not drinking beer must want pub food to be satisfied. Much easier to find great food and great beer in the same place if you don't require that the beer be brewed on site.

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          1. re: LurkerDan

            Thanks for all the suggestions. Specifically, I want local beer on tap. The food doesn't have to be high end, but fresh ingredients and some care in preparation would be appreciated. (For the record, I live in Ohio.) We're staying at the Crown Plaza downtown and won't have a car. Euclid was already on my radar. I was also looking at Great Divide, Breckenridge and Wynkoop. Was also looking at Bull & Bush but that's a little far away. We'll head to Fort Collins at the end of the week (would've gone to Boulder, but it's graduation weekend at UColorado and there's not a hotel room to be had).

            1. re: johnbycz

              For local beer on tap, almost any good restaurant will have that! I am not familiar with the number of taps at all the downtown establishments, so will have to leave it to others. Euclid does look like a good choice, with 10 or 12 taps of local stuff. Never been a huge fan of the Breckenridge beers. Great Divide makes good stuff, and I'm not that familiar with the Wynkoop choices. Vine Street will have some tasty brews, and the food is ok in a hippy pub sort of way. Not walking distance, but not far.

              1. re: johnbycz

                Avery makes some great local sure to look for their taps.

                Maybe add Freshcraft to your list....great beers and food...

                1. re: DrakeRemoray

                  +1 on the Avery. The creme de la creme of locally brewed beers imho! I hear they have a decent tap room but they are in Boulder. I know The Wynkoop has been known to carry some of their stuff (had my first Avery Anniverary Ale there).

                2. re: johnbycz

                  Keep in mind that Boulder is only a half-hour or so drive from downtown Denver, so it's easy to pop up to Boulder if you want to check out a place for dinner or drinks without staying there. The Kitchen and the Avery taproom are definitely worth the trip.

                  Since you're going to Fort Collins, you're signed up for the New Belgium brewery tour, right? Right????

              2. I noticed that johnbycz says in a followup that he won't have a car, but could some of you local beer lovers give your opinion of Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs?

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                1. re: Dave_in_PA

                  Eh, I have never been very impressed with them or their beer, but have only been there a couple of times and have had their bottled beer a few more times. Are you going to be in Idaho Springs or passing through? If you're driving I-70 from or to the mountains, there are a couple of good brewpubs in Dillon (maybe 45 minutes from Idaho Springs).

                  1. re: LurkerDan

                    thanks, what do you recommend in Dillon?

                    1. re: Dave_in_PA

                      Dillon Dam Brewery is good, it follows the "standard" brew pub format but I have always found the food and beer good. I also like Pug Ryan's, it is perhaps a little less consistent, but at its best it is a little better and a little less "formulaic", it's got more character and has a more locals feel. Either is a good choice, IMO.

                      Dillon Dam Brewery
                      101 Little Dam Rd, Dillon, CO 80435