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Apr 27, 2011 01:12 PM

What's for Dinner? Part 86 [OLD]

So, has spring inspired you yet? Are you perfecting beloved favorites, or sinking your teeth into new cooking projects? Tell us what is gracing your table. What’s for dinner?

(I couldn’t resist a little pun there. My apologies.)

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  1. I got caught up in some stuff last night, and wound up making a quick batch of soyrizo and eggs. So the salmon pasta is still waiting to be cooked and served. But I am glad I waited, as this morning I found a bit of encouragement on the last thread, and am going to use my pasta machine for the first time. Because I've only had it for six months. What's the rush, right?

    I'll bake the salmon, and then flake it to add to a garlic, lemon, and tarragon butter sauce to dress my fresh egg pasta, and likely use up the last little bit of parmesan I have on hand. I'm quite excited to turn out a noodle that doesn't look as if it's had a terrible accident, as my hand-rolled-and-cut ones so often did in the past. It is a hand-crank machine, though, so we'll see how long my excitement lasts.

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      Sounds delicious! Have fun with the pasta maker. Wednesdays I get my fish share and since it's nearly always cod or flounder (or similar) I had a plan for each for tonight. But it's hake, which I really only care for if it's heavily disguised as fishcakes and I already have a bunch of those in the freezer from the last time it was hake. So my share partner gets my share as well as hers (she's out of fishcakes) and I'll stop at the store on my way home to see what takes my fancy. There's some nice chard and cauliflower at home to go with whatever I pick up. Or maybe I'll just have one of those fishcakes with them....

      1. re: GretchenS

        " . . . (she's out of fishcakes)"

        Your entire post made me laugh, Gretchen. You are hilarious. And lucky to have a fish share. I would kill for that.

    2. My wife went out to lunch today with a neighbor. When that happens dinner is solo because my wife comes home without an appetite. Altho I cook and there's Texas-style chili in the fridge and freezer that I made, she wants me to eat the leftover casserole that she creatively prepared a couple of days ago. The casserole tasted very good, and her creativity amazed me.

      I'm the one who belongs to the "What if...?" school of culinary arts specializing "cuisine impromptu." I made a caldron of minestrone arrabbiata denso this morning, enough for 14 servings. Stuff that needed to be used residing in the fridge were some of the ingredients. For example, sweet potato hummus made with garbanzo beans and garlic a week ago was used as well as chopped midrib stems from kale along with the remainder of prepared mustard rinsed out of a squeeze plastic container that made it impossible to retrieve any other way.

      Vivi, ama, ridi e mangia bene! (Live, love, laugh and eat well!)

      Buon appetito!

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      1. re: ChiliDude

        I love using kale ribs. And I always do a rinse of my bottles to add to a dish! My mustard usually goes toward a salad or a fish marinade. It sounds as if both you and your wife are very creative. You must have fun in your kitchen, ChiliDude.

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          e doppo, bevi, e dormi!

          your sweet potato hummus sounds really good!

          1. re: mariacarmen

            The hummus recipe is on my Thought for Food blog. I forgot to mention in the process that the chickpeas should be rinsed.


        2. Chicken cobb salad, sort of. Bed of greens and shredded carrots, topped with red onion rings, shredded chicken breast, bacon, chopped hard boiled eggs, sliced strawberries ( didn't have any tomatoes, or time to go to the store, and wanted something red, but it wasn't bad!) shaved aged gouda, and fat free feta. choice of bottled dressings. home from work at 5, granddaughter's t-ball practice by 6.

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            That is a very interesting version of cobb, sunflower. I've never used strawberries in a green salad, but I think the boyfriend would be a little interested if I used onion and feta with it. And, yeah, bacon. My nephew, a few states away, just had his first t-ball practice this week. I envy you being able to go and watch. :)

            1. re: onceadaylily

              Strawberries in green salad are really good, and it doesn't need to be Cobb! I love them in just a regular green salad. This week's WW "weekly" brochure has a recipe for a salad with strawberries and goat cheese with an orange dressing. Haven't made it yet, but probably will, it sounds really good.
              Only got to watch a few minutes of T-ball practice, I usually watch my grandson (almost 3) during his sister's practice, and we went to practice for a little while, till he got bored and started throwing sand on a little girl, then we went "to see the lobsters" (code for quick trip to the grocery store, where he always checks out the lobster tank!)

          2. BF is a master at repurposing leftovers. tonight, he took leftover chicken (raw), ground it in FP, made meatballs, served that with our roasted butternut squash which he napped with my asian-spicy marinade from Saturday night, and reheated the cauliflower fritters, for which he made a mustard/shallot sauce (DELISH COMBO), another cabbage-y salad, oh, and with leftover celeriac, and a rice frittata with two batches of leftover rice we had. Pts. friendly, yummy, and he's cute as all get-out, to boot.

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                  God, I love you, rabaja. And that damn BF-made dinner.

                  And mustard and shallots are truly fantastic together.

                  1. re: mariacarmen

                    Lucky you! my husband is back to work full time, and will be working evenings, starting on Saturday. So I will be doing most of the cooking around here, and will miss his cooking for us greatly! And he is pretty cute for a 60-year old, too:)

                    1. re: sunflwrsdh

                      my BF went away for 6-1/2 weeks earlier this year and i gained 7 lbs.!!! i cannot be left to my own devices. He's not allowed to do that again! Bummer about your hubby... he'd better do double duty on Sundays! ( :

                      1. re: mariacarmen

                        Wow.....your bf really is an inspiration for you! My husband will only be off on Wednesdays and Thursdays or Thursdays and Fridays all summer, but he is already picking up the slack.....he is also great at repurposing leftovers, and made chicken enchilada pizza tonight. Leftover skinny taste enchilada seasoned shredded chicken, his own home made whole wheat pizza crust, a can of enchilada sauce, shredded 2% mexican cheese, and some cilantro, topped after baking with some pico de gallo and ff sour cream. I think 4 points per slice!

                        1. re: sunflwrsdh

                          enchilada pizza! that sounds amazing!

                          1. re: mariacarmen

                            It really was good. I had it for lunch the next day, and even better..

                  2. Charcoal-grilled ribeyes and steamed broccoli. That's all we need.

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                      mmmmm that's all anyone really needs....