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Apr 27, 2011 12:33 PM

Need suggestions for Center City/U City dinner tonight and rather specific requirements??

Several of my colleagues and I will be taking an interviewee out for dinner tonight but we've been given pretty specific guidelines. We would like good food, but also need the following:
1. A center city or university city location
2. Entrees ~$15 per person
3. Able to seat 6-7 of us at around 6pm today
4. Accepts credit cards
5. Somewhat nice (i.e. not bar food) and not too loud

Suggestions? I'm stumped. We were thinking La Viola but apparently they are cash only...

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  1. Distrito... upscale mexican Garces restaurant. Only time its too loud for me there is when the brunch entertainment played right in my ear. It is small plates, but I think it might work.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Pizzeria Stella if that location works. If you spend $15pp at Distrito I think you'd leave hungry. if you planned on apps and dessert on top of that, would be ok.

      1. re: barryg

        Do they want to spend 15 per person? or just for entrees... wasnt clear.

        1. re: barryg

          The high end pizza is a great deal. If you want to do that in Center City (Stella is in Old City in my book... ) Zavino wouldnt be a bad choice. They have one great table for large groups, and they dont take reservations, so just show up and enjoy. I have enjoyed the charcuterie and cheese pairings there as well as the salad specials. Never had the pasta but always heard good things about it (often its sold out ... ).

          1. re: cwdonald

            If we're going to get specific, Stella is in Society Hill. It's all Center City to me, albeit the far end for OP.

      2. Thanks all - I'll check out Zavino and Stella. I like Distrito but I agree we might leave pretty hungry. To clarify on the per person price, it's ~$15 per entree, maybe 1-2 appetizers for the table.

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          I'll suggest Nan, knowing that it's probably not quite the right fit to your parameters. But it's quiet, nice, and good in a very classic french way. Prices aren't quite ~$15/entree, but several entrees are just under $20 an several just over, and they are big enough that you wouldn't necessarily need to order appetizers. Just throwing that out there.

        2. Sorry I missed this yesterday as I was traveling. The Gold Standard Cafe at 48th and Baltimore would have fit the bill nicely: