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Apr 27, 2011 12:25 PM

Parkersburg WV Recommendations?

We're heading from OH to Parkerburg then over to Elkins WV. Any recommendations in Parkersburg or along the way? We like all types of foods, but are particularly interested in finding a good pepperoni roll and in dinner/breakfast recommendations in Parkersburg. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, in case anyone else is looking, we ate where we stayed in Parkersburg, at the Blennerhasset hotel restaurant, Spats. The food was OK, not great, even though they advertise a culinary school. The atmosphere at this historic hotel was better than the food, and the jazz quartet in the lounge on Friday night was better than both. We also stopped at Bonne Bell Bakery in Clarksburg WV to pick up a pepperoni roll; quite good as were the raisen-filled cookies. In Elkins WV, we attended the Ramp and Rails festival; we weren't too impressed with the food at the festival, however, there was a good Venezulean restaurant in Elkins, El Gran Sabor. The empanadas and the cachapas, rice, and beans were all very good.

    1. I realize this is an old post at this point, but Chams on Market Street is an excellent choice for Lebanese. It closes at 8:00 during the week and is closed on Saturday and Sunday. The owners are very gracious and pleasant.