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Apr 27, 2011 11:35 AM

NY Hound One Night in Orlando then driving down to Ft Lauderdale

I will be in town for one night this coming Sunday and am looking for some good local fare. I read through the various visitors guide posts and am still a little unsure of where to eat. Preferably I want something delicious that I cannot get back in NYC and am fond of seafood. Would Lee and Rick's fit this bill? Or is there something else local that you would not want to miss out on if you only had one night.

Also does anyone have a rec for dinner on the way from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale. Again I would prefer some regional Florida cuisine if possible.

I have to admit I am not very familiar with central Florida so any help would be appreciated. Budget is not too much of a concern as I am traveling for work.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. First off, a lot of independent places are closed Sunday's so call ahead.

    Unfortunately, seafood is not so great here BUT Ft Lauderdale has a lot of good options, so if I were you I'd hold the seafood for when you get down there. One of our favs was Rustic Inn right near the Ft Laudedale airport (for crab)

    As far as what you should get here that you can't get elsewhere I'd have to recommend one of our places that focus on local seasonal ingredients as by definition it meets your criteria.

    Ravenous Pig

    Luma on Park


    or hunt down the Big Wheel Provisions food truck - he is fully committed to local sourcing and frankly serves fantastic restaurant quality food

    Do you have good Vietnamese options in NY? If not we have a vibrant Vietnamese population with good eating options at Lac Viet and Pho 88

    Although I've recommended Lee & Rick's in the past, a couple months ago they got a very poor health rating and though they claim to have cleaned it up, I can't in good conscience send anyone there (at least for a while)

    For the drive down it's mostly highways and rest stop food, but take a look at some of the Delray Beach options (Bamboo Fire, Tryst, Dada) as they have some good offerings and it's pretty much on the way

    Luma on Park
    290 S. Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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    1. re: YosemiteSam

      I was looking at Ravenous Pig but they appear to be closed on sundays. To be honest I am kind of over the over priced gastropubs. We have a lot of them in NY and i have a hard time paying that much for comfort food.

      Luma's menu looks pretty good, I might try that. So does Primo though. Which one would you choose if forced?

      We have decent Vietnamese in NY though it is one of my favorite cuisines. I might try out one of those two.

      I will have a rental car but I am staying at the downtown Embassy Suites. Is there anything close by that is good?


      1. re: MVNYC

        Luma over Primo - Primo is good but it's in a hotel so to me the ambiance suffers whereas I find Luma one of the best atmospheres in town. You can also pop next store to the Wine Room after dinner for a great selection of wines on "tap" where you can pay by the ounce - a great way to sample expensive options you may not be able to swing for the whole bottle

        If you are downtown I'd probably skip Primo unless you love the menu.

        Luma isn't THAT far from downtown, but another great local option only about 5 minutes drive from downtown is K in College Park. The Vietnamese places are also right downtown (not walking distance though)

        1. re: MVNYC

          The ravenous pig is definitely not comfort food. I would also say the food is reasonably priced.

      2. I'd also look into Normans at the Ritz Carlton. Its out towards the attraction area (20 mins from downtown Orlando). Best seafood ive had in Orlando. Chef Norman van Aken was part of the original south florida mango mafia/floribbean movement. I've never had a bad meal there.

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        1. re: bnbbiz

          I agree on this. It's a good show of the Floribbean movement Norman Van Aken created. I haven't been there in a while but last time I was I loved it.