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Apr 27, 2011 11:29 AM

What a pork dish!

Just wanted to alert fellow 'Hounders of a special I had last night at RioMar: the Pata Negra/Jamon Iberico, Spanish Black Foot pig that feeds on acorns (I may have screwed the terminology up a bit, sorry). Chefs said they don't get it often, but as I can attest, when it's on the menu, it's a gustatory delight not to be missed! They served it with purple Peruvian fingerling potatoes and braised greens, with a nice sauce mostly of butter and the pork drippings. The pork itself was fork-tender, crisp on the outside, and wonderfully complex. Essentially, it tasted quite "piggy", two-fisted flavor vs. typically mild pork you get in restaurants and supermarkets.

Worth a call in advance to see if they have it. If so, hurry down and get it before it's gone!

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    1. did they *cook* it?

      Bellota is supposed to be served room temperature, in paper-thin slices.

      But's sublime.