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Apr 27, 2011 10:59 AM

What is the best buffet for foodies in Las Vegas?

Yes, we San Franciscan foodie enthusiasts can be picky: looking for good taste, local and organic ingredients, etc. Given that, any suggestions? thanks..Joe

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  1. You won't find local and organic on buffets in Las Vegas. There is very little agriculture in Southern Nevada.

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    1. re: Eric

      good point, eric. of course there is no local food.

    2. I'd go with the Sunday Brunch at the Cliff House. No buffet in Vegas fits your criteria.

      Is that still open?

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      1. re: shamu613

        yes it is. but many other brunch restaurants in SF.

        1. re: dogenjoe

          The buffet at Aria was good. Not a foodie destination per say but mostly good nutritious food at a decent price.