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Apr 27, 2011 10:35 AM

Help for Mother's Day... North County SD Something with a view?

We are looking to take my mother-in-law to a nice restaurant for Mother's day Brunch.
I have 2 kids so we need something that has a kid friendly menu but also offers nice adult brunch. We would love some place with a nice view if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Honestly, it's a crapshoot. Every place is busy on Mother's day and Father's day. What's more is that this board, like Yelp, is popular enough so that posting a recommendation of one particular place here is only bound to crowd that place into oblivion. So, my advice is to try and pick something off the beaten path, even if it means spending a llittle more, or having to give up things like an ocean view.

    Whatever recommendations you get, make reservations immediately.

    I remember Father's day last year, driving by the Hash-House A Go-Go in Hillcrest and seeing a line nearly circling the block. And all of the people waiting outside were the same well-intentioned looking college kids who all apparently had the same "unique" idea of going to the most popular breakfast spot in all of San Diego on one of the three busiest brunch dates of the year (Mother's Day, and Easter being bigger). You can just imagine how proud they were to pitch their plans to their parents about how great this place was gonna be when they got there. But you can bet that none of them thought to make reservations, or stopped to think that they might be subjecting their parents to a 2 hour wait.

    Stay away from the popular places is my advice. Go off the beaten path. Picnics in a park, brunch at the house, walk on the beach, etc.

    1. Best N County San Diego view. Chart House Cardiff, but I don't know how the food is.

      1. This is my 1st posting. Sorry if I don't know the edict. We live near Temecula and thought I needed to post on each area I was looking. Still learning..........

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          Give us an idea about food llkes and dislikes, number in the party, children, price range etc, it'll help a lot.

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            You were correct since you were considering 2 areas.

          2. If La Jolla is not too far for you, the Marine Room is oceanfront and has one heck of a view, kid friendly for Mother's Day and a place that your mother-in-law would really enjoy.
            Jake's Del Mar is oceanfront and not as fancy but great view and decent food.
            Reserve very soon.
            Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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              You should consider the "Waterfall Terrace" at Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge hotel in Del Mar. I just looked on their website...never knew it before, but I see that the Waterfall Terrace is the outdoor section of their patio that overlooks the ocean. It's a great spot where I've enjoyed many a delicious lunch with a breathtaking view. Looks like this is the first year they're offering a Mother's Day brunch buffet, which is pricey at $58/adult and $29/children ages 5-12, but the food is always great and the setting is amazing.

              Here's a link to it -