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Apr 27, 2011 10:26 AM

Aspic recipe suggestions wanted for 1920s era supper club

In our rotating supper club, the hosts pick a theme each month and then every one makes and cooks a dish. The hosts this time picked "1920s / Speakeasy". Which, in practice, means lots of pre-prohibition craft cocktails. Others are making classic seafood dishes. A dessert from 1920s London is being made, stretching the implied-Americaness of the theme, but prohibition destroyed fine dining for decades, so cut us some slack :).

I want to make some thing with or in aspic. Probably a seafood aspic is out as we already have plenty of that. I am thinking a pate or even trying cheese: the "Camembert in Aspic" from the 1920s episode of Supersizers Eat... sounded very interesting. (By the way, if you haven't seen that BBC series, find a way to obtain and watch it. Very entertaining if you are into food.)

Any thoughts, suggestions, recipes?

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  1. I actually really like tomato aspics -- maybe something with cucumbers in it. Very refreshing and light.

    1. How about individual molded chicken salads? Jellied broth, a little lemon, celery, chicken breast in pretty pieces, roasted red pepper. Dollop of lemony mayo on top. Actually, I LIKE jellied chicken!

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        You know, that actually sounds really nice!

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          First place I'd found. Interesting site. Not a lot else out there on the intarwebs. Resorted to checking out a couple of books from the public library (mostly useless -- the best one has most relevant sections quoted on the site you mentioned). Supersizers was more informative, but not from an American perspective (of course, when it comes to food in the 20's, that's probably a good thing!).

        2. Eggs (hard-boiled, sliced or whole) in aspic are classic. I'll try to hunt down a recipe for you.

            Not a straight up aspic but beautiful presentation and quite easy.
            I enjoyed it but my family doesn't like "jiggly food" ... see what you think.

            Julia Child was the aspic queen and although she brought attention to this dish most of the results were limited in appeal.

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              It think I'll try this, along with a couple of other things

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                Do post after the supper club dinner. I'm a supper gal member in NJ, so I'm always open and looking for new menu ideas. I love the theme your working on; clever!