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Apr 27, 2011 10:15 AM

Food Truck Friday

Has anyone been? Anything there a must try? TIA

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  1. I go often & find it worthwhile -- not only for the food, but also for the social experience. I almost always run into someone I know or meet someone new at the communal tables. My personal favorite is the Cali Melt sandwich (turkey, avocado, & havarti on whole wheat) from the Paradise Melts truck followed by ice cream from Sweet Republic. A lot of friends also swear by the Short Leash hot dogs truck.

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    1. re: exit2lef

      Thank you!! We may have to try all three.

      1. re: my3guys

        Do all the food trucks park in one spot on fridays?

        1. re: Dapuma

          Yes, right next to the Phoenix Public Market in their parking lot. Lots of covered seating. Plenty of street parking.

          Regarding Short Leash Hot Dogs, they have an excellent corn dog, which they call a "Corn Pup" made with Schreiner's sausage. I'm having a bit of trouble finding their menu online to see exactly what's in the sausage, but I want to say jalapeno and cheese? Spicy and gooey and cornmealy - all in a very good way. Be aware that the regular dogs come on a pita style bread, not a traditional bun. Some may find this offputting, but I find it delicious - the bread has a nice texture combined with the snap of the dog (I usually get the all beef). Interesting toppings, too.

          1. re: MesaChow

            Info on Short Leash:
            Twitter: @ShortLeashDogs
            facebook: Short Leash Hot Dogs

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              Thanks for the info, John. What I really meant and didn't spell out in my previous comment was that the menu I found on the FB page didn't include the description of the Corn Pup as it is described on the menu posted at the truck, and I couldn't find a more complete menu on their website. As I recall, they actually offer a couple of different versions of the Corn Pup, one being non-spicy.

    2. Anybody know if they're shutting down at some point for the summer? I can't imagine cooking in one of those things in 90 degree heat, to say nothing of 120 degree heat.

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        That's what I was wondering too..
        The last place I would want to be at is at a food truck on black pavement when its 115 degrees outside and no A/C..

      2. I've been to the mobile food court a few times, and I've generally been pretty pleased with what I've had.

        Of the things I've tried, I think the most interesting have been the Asian-influenced street tacos from the Sunshine and Spice truck. And being a sucker for custards of all sorts, it's hard for me not to recommend the Torched Goodness creme brulee truck.

        I'm also a big fan of Sweet Republic's ice creams, some of which can be purchased at the grocery where the food court is held and at other stores around the valley.

        Those interested in keeping up with the latest developments with the Mobile Food Court and participating vendors can tune into the various Phoenix Street Food Coalition online media channels:




        No word so far one when/if the Friday Mobile Food Court might shut down, but I recall hearing someone from Sunshine and Spice saying that their crew would be going on hiatus once the weather heats up.

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        1. re: hohokam

          I love love love the marinated mushroom tacos from Sunshine and Spice. Ohhhhh yum. Might have to go down Friday for some.

          I'm not a fan of creme brulee normally but the last time we were down there my sister talked me into splitting the salted caramel creme brulee. Wow. If creme brulee was more often like this I would eat a lot more of it.

          1. re: ziggylu

            Last I heard the food court was going to continue as long as its bearable outside. I believe the sitting area has misters installed and so that may lengthen the season somewhat.. The hot dogs are great. I also have tried and enjoyed the cajun burittos at Jamburritos. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the BBQ.

            1. re: ziggylu

              The creme brulee is excellent, much better than that served by most local restaurants. Great creamy texture, not too solid. One day I bought the salted caramel, intending to eat only a spoonful or so and take it back to the office for sharing. None of it made it to the office.

            2. re: hohokam

              Second the Torched Goddess. Coconut creme brulee is very good.

            3. went there today, it was pretty fun

              they have a nice little set up good selection of items

              i went for the asian inspired tacos from sunset and spice:
              $8 for 3
              got the terriaki beef: was dry and kind of flavorless didnt eat most of it

              asian bbq: had some flavor - perhaps a bit too much rice in it, but was solid, worth giving a try - dont think i would get it again but to each their own

              mushroom: it was ok, ate a few bites of it but didnt eat most of it, it was better than the terriaki beef but not great

              they taco shells they served everything in i think would have been better if they were toasted a bit more etc

              Had sweet republic ice cream, that was pretty good $3 for a scoup

              The off the leash truck looks pretty awesome, and they had a cajun place, another place making some pretty awesome looking sandwiches, will give it a go again next Friday and report back

              overall - fun break in the middle of the day - would recommend the experience for sure

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              1. re: Dapuma


                -"Sunset and Spice" is actually called Sunshine & Spice
                -"Off the Leash" is Short Leash Dogs
                -The Cajun truck is Jamburritos.
                -Based on what I read in the Phoenix Street Food Twitter feed, the other sandwich place could have been either Paradise Melts (fancy grilled cheese sandos) or Riteway Catering (Korean/Creole BBQ po' boys).

                1. re: hohokam

                  I had a couple "mini" Short Leash Dogs at the Devour food festival - the Igby and the Aiko. Both were very good, as were the fried pickles. Hoping to get to the food truck soon.

              2. I did FoodTruckFriday as well today. From Short Leash Hot Dogs got an all-beef dog igby-style (cole slaw/blue cheese/bbq sauce) - it was very good, nice flavor combo. Finished by trying a couple of creme brulees from Torched Goodness; caramel to which he added salt to the sugar topping = awesome! Also the peanut creme brulee was delicious.

                Short Leash seems to be the most popular based on the lines.

                Short Leash HotDogs
                Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ